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Contact details and fleet of the aircraft operator for BEL AIR. bookings In order to contact our booking office, call 1-866-235-5247. Surveillance is available 24x7. If you have two or more fares in your group (e.g.

Seniors and Ages, or Adolescents and Ages), you must make a booking separately for each of them. Several persons of the same tariff category can make the same booking.

At Sea-Tac Airport we recommend that travellers should be at least 2 hrs ahead of their home flights and 3 hrs ahead of their overseas flights. Between Bellingham and Anacortes, please call 1-866-235-5247 to make your reservation. When you have ADA needs, it is important that you call 1-866-235-5247 at least 24 hrs in advance to arrange a coach for your journey that is suitable for wheelchairs!

For teenagers (12-15 years) travelling without an accompanying adult, please sign the minimum return request as well. Minimum release format - Click here to complete our EZ Online Forms. The confirmation number is your on-board card. Keep it with you for getting on the coach or making changes to your booking.

The passenger should be at the point of embarkation at least 10 min before the planned flight start date. Places are reserved for prepaid travellers up to 5 min before take-off. Click here for pictures and information about our snowboarding locations.

Simply select a starting point from the drop-down list.

Simply select a starting point from the drop-down list. Updating the forms takes one to two seconds and then selects an endpoint from the drop-down list below. HINT: THIS FILM DOES NOT WORK FOR JOURNEYS BETWEEN BELLINGHAM AND ANACORTES. PLEASE CHECK OUR FULL PROGRAM PAGE FOR THESE ITINERARIES.

NOTICE: THE TARIFFS BELOW DO NOT CONTAIN PROPELLANT SUPPLEMENTS (GOVERNMENT-REGULATED). AT THE TIME OF BOOKING, THE CORRESPONDING ADDITIONAL COSTS FOR KEROSENE WILL BE CHARGED. In case the enquiry does not work in your web browsers or you would like to see our complete timetable, please go to our Full timetable page. Stage 1: Select your start city.

Specify the start city. Stage 2: Select your endpoint. Type in the endpoint.

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