Old Planes for Sale

Used aircraft for sale

Oldtimer aircraft for sale This is a very unique occasion to purchase a breathtaking airplane with a great story. It is a two-seater plane with a 360 HP nine-cylinder radially powered engine....

. Douglas DC3 and DC4DC for sale 3 SN 4232810DC 3 SN 3223940DC 4 SN 10409DC 4 SN 10307Complete aircrafts that have not been used for a long period of timesAll the aircrafts are.... Constructed in 1984, this is the only Tornado plane of the type T2A that exists.

The Tornado is a T-bird twinstick version of the Tornado.... It' well stocked and the third owners like to buy it.

Searching for a junk 747? The UAE auctions platform list old aircrafts for sale.

Whilst the UAE auctions are home to scarce and uncommon objects - such as a maniac and the Anwar al-Sadat limousine - a 14-man old plane might be one of the most extensive. Aeroplanes, among them a supply of Soviet Antonovs and Ilyushin transports, can be found on the Emirates Auctions website.

From $1,250 for a folkloric Antonov An-2 double-decker to $70,000 for a Boeing 747, the planes will be on offer until June 14, with spare fares of $1,250. However, purchasers should be careful - the planes that are in the east of Fujairah are sold "as is" and contain no documentary as described on the website.

Auctions Emirates is better known for the sale of automobiles and occasional license numbers. During 2008, the Guinness Book of Highs Guinness recorded the sale of the world's most pricey license number, which consists of the single-digit number "1" for 14.2 million dollars.

Military Warbirds / Pistons for sale

During the First and Second World Wars, piston-powered wardirds performed an important function in battle, freight deliveries, monitoring, bombing raids and other mission areas. A lot of spectators are acquainted with old piston-powered airplanes or warm birds as outstanding items or leaflets at air shows. Initially constructed for and run by the army, Warbird' s classic airplanes are now held and run by civilists or organisations.

During the First and Second World Wars, piston-powered wardirds on several sides were important in the conduct of battle, freight deliveries, monitoring, bombing operations and other operations. Piston-operated army planes, which emerged in the First World War, generally comprised double-deckers made of wooden frame, which emerged at about 161 km/h (100 mph).

Towards the end of the Second World War, the use of piston-powered army planes began paving the way for quicker and more lightweight nozzles, especially for the German Messerschmitt Aircraft. In spite of the drawbacks of plunger carbides in various combat situations in comparison to fighter planes, the armed forces of some countries carried them on until the end of the seventies. El Salvador and Honduras in particular conducted the last piston-powered air battles in 1969 during a brief clash between nation-states reported to have included Vought F4U Corsairs and Cavalier Mustang II combatants.

Some of the pistons that are still on sale are the Beechcraft T34A Mentor; North American P-51 Mustang, T28, T-6 Texan, SNJ 4, Harvard MK IIB and AT-6G;

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