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Selection of aircraft With our choice of air taxi class, you can choose the best solution for your needs and your budgets. This is your most cost-effective choice. Excellent for hop travel with lightweight luggage. Ideally suited for shorter breaks, offers additional cab room and convenience. Fast, high-performance twin-engine aircraft for groups and family.

This is a beautiful high efficiency nozzle for a small group with a small to mid-term quest.

Intermediate-haul flight at turbo jet speeds.

From New York to Boston in 36 min thanks to VTOL air taxi, says Transcend Air.

Transcend Air Corporation has heralded the creation of the Vy, a six-seat tilting VTOL aircraft to carry passengers to and from urban areas. At the same time, the airline has indicated that it will introduce a taxi-style taxi shuttle for the operation of the aircraft it intends to bring into the air in 2024.

Vy swings from an aircraft able to take off and land in chopper fashion (albeit with two instead of one rotor ) to one able to fly at 652 km/h (405 mph) due to its tilting blade concept. Basically, the rotation of the blades turns these take-off and landing rotor blades into oversized fan blades in "aircraft mode".

They claim that this is three times quicker than conventional choppers, although this is only really the case if you choose a conventional chopper with a one-third velocity. But apart from multiple, 405 mb are much quicker than a chopper. Transcend Air Corporation has apparently emerged from the now "run-down" Elytron Aircraft, which is in charge of the similar 2S tiltrotor design we saw in 2015.

It is confusing that Elytron also joined VTOL Aerospace, which flew its CVC 96 aircraft model, albeit on a smaller size range. Operation in the VTOL region seems to have ups and downs. Transcend Air's website may have the boldest buttons on the web. However, it still has to be seen whether the enterprise will achieve its goals, but one has to marvel at the plucker.

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