Around the World Air Pass

Surrounding the world flight pass

Continue reading for some basic facts about flight passports and a summary of regional passports around the globe. The air passes offer the choice between a circumnavigation of the world in one direction or several stations on one continent. Honestly, I appreciate you passing that on. There are also three passes to explore Europe, Asia or America.

Worldwide Skyteam Tickets

Find out about the Skyteam package for your travelling needs! Around the world parcels bring the world to your door at an affordable rate. There are also three passports to help you get around Europe, Asia or America. SkyTeam's 9 members and 2 Associate Airline partners have teamed up to provide you with this new product and service offering to make your worldwide travels easy.

The SkyTeam Round the World programme offers you the right solution for discovering the world in the simplest and most economic way, whether you're planning to travel for work or pleasure. SkyTeam member companies provide 4 Round the World offerings focused on providing flexible services to those who travel the world.

Can be combined with a SkyTeam Europe Pass and/or a SkyTeam America Pass and/or a SkyTeam Asia Pass ticketing. A SkyTeam America Pass can be purchased if you buy an international round-trip airfare to the United States, Canada or Mexico from any of the 9 SkyTeam airlines and their two affiliates.

In order to begin your journey, just reserve a Aeromexico or Delta** seating at least 3 and a half business days before your international depart. A thrilling way to discover Asia and the Pacific! Get the most flexible possible experience for your Asia -Pacific travel: You don't have to leave and end your journey from the same destination, make your first reservation in advance and then, if you wish, include your own air tickets during a 60 day max stay, make 3 up to 6 bookings for your Asia journeys and include a possible 1 or 2 extensions for your Southwest Pacific journeys.

For example, an Asia Pass with 5 vouchers would be $960 and the renewal of 2 vouchers to the Southwest Pacific Island would be $720 in addition. This is the best way to discover the unbelievable variety of China! The latest tariff rate offered by China Southern, the China Pass.

China Pass now offers you the best opportunity to visit all of China at a great price. The only thing you need to do is to buy an overseas mainland China pass from one of SkyTeam´s 11 members or 3 Associate Airlines to be entitled to buy the China Pass.

The next thing to do is make your first booking within China at least 3 flights before your arrival.

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