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On bicycles, buses and air taxis. In order to get to the Uber conference on flying cars in Los Angeles last week, where I was supposed to conduct the interview with Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, I called a Lyft. At the moment flying cars fall somewhere between a dream and a prototype.

Our future will not only be automobiles.

In order to get to the Uber Aviation Car Review in Los Angeles last weekend, where I was supposed to conduct the CEO Dara Khosrowshahi talk, I called a Lyft. Nowadays it seems likely that Ueber will have flies before he has self-propelled vehicles. German government detectives are still investigating what might have occurred, but the demise of Elaine Herzberg compelled Uber to switch off his test programme there.

" Irrespective of what the German government's accident researchers find, Khosrowshahi is already making plans for the future. Keeping the reigns in his hands in August 2017, Khosrowshahi has concentrated on two things: apologising for the sin of his forerunner Travis Kalanick, and a number of shops to go beyond app-based ride-hailing.

It will also be sharing more of its information on transport pattern and kerbside use with towns and cities to become "real partner of towns in the long run," Khosrowshahi said.

And of course there are the airborne automobiles. Although the 2017 corporate headlines received more coverage, the 2017 scandal cost over $4.5 billion last year, an astonishing number for a globally operating business with ten thousand workers and million riders. Net sales for the year were approximately $6 billion in US dollars in US dollars, 13% less than a year earlier - a sign that new investment is not tracking the company's spending.

So, when Khosrowshahi says he wants to turn Uber into a multimodal firm that links humans with bicycles, busses, rental cars and maybe even air taxi, it's a little upsetting. Could this loss-making business with a history of domestic problems really put humans in these UAV chopper things and let them speed through the towns at speeds of 100 mph?

"The future of Uber could not only have to do with cars," said Khosrowshahi, who was in a small room in LA's Skirball Cultural Center, a few short moments before his planned "fireside chat". "He had just vacated a meet with Ashton Kutcher, an acting man and risk financier - Khosrowshahi wouldn't say what the two talked about, but Kutcher is an early adopter in Uber - and seemed eager to discuss Uber's future and his plan for a commercially "urban aviation mobile service" by 2023.

However, it will not be air taxi or bicycle shares that will rescue Uber from himself. Mr. Khosrowshahi will have to make a concentrated attempt to rectify the past errors and build a business that earns people's confidence and moneys. If not, his slice of the pies will further contract, and Uber will go from being a carpool monster to becoming another small gambler in a crammed mart.

You' re the chief executive who got this whole flies auto thing. And one of them is that I quickly realised that Uber's future could not just be about automobiles. In the end, we had to extend our range of applications from automobiles to wider types of transport. At some point, automobiles in two sizes would lose the room for manoeuvre for the city.

That we really have to think about the three-dimensional approach with multimodal [options]. So, for me, the change was from a huge worldwide parking space to a worldwide A-to-B metropolitan transportation space. So what do you see next for this multimodal premonition?

This is one of the areas of Uber where we are particularly strong: to find a great share of the products and scale it globally like no other business. You' ve seen it with a goddamn dark automobile and then about X. You' ve seen it with Eats lately.

As soon as you have scaled them, lining them up takes a lot of brains and co-ordination, so you can move from a single-mode environment where you have to choose your own modus - I take a bicycle, I take a ride in a van, etc. - to a multimodal environment where you can take your Jump[bike] to the Skyport and then take your elevator to the Aiport.

And, by the way, we're still improving our craftsmanship by trying to get two guys in one outfit. We are a unique organization that is able to combine all these different means of transportation into one enjoyable customer service with a unique transaction. First thing you need to do is get the target done and then believe in that target and get business stakeholders and business associates to take action.

We have a number of associates who work really hard. No. Therefore I speak to a large number of local transport users and when they listen to this concept it makes them mad. In their opinion, the only way to really reach million of inhabitants in densely populated towns is by bus and train.

However, when we say that your point is A-to-B we believe that busses and trams will have a role to play. What we are talking about is that your point is A-to-B. Let us involve our counterparts, let us establish our own rules, let us discuss these rules and let us have many suggestions as to what this will be.

We are also very open to partnership with transport operators, towns and regulatory authorities to add bus, train and metro to the Uber application. Cause Uber dropped $4.5 billion last year..... So, we're not a firm that own our automobiles. Drivers have their own vehicles.

We' ve had unbelievable partnerships involving both large corporations like Embraer and start-ups that really push the boundaries of designs and specifications. In this way Uber generates a request for the products. Then your partner, property, OEMs come in..... This has resulted in more travellers, more adventurers, further away from home and more different background connections, and this link, I think, makes for good things.

What Uber is doing is to provide urban transport and connections that are just getting denser and denser, but in the same comfortable, accessible and reliable way, whether you can buy a cheap automobile or not, whether you are living in a good neighbourhood or a poor neighbourhood or not.

When we want to be real urban associates, we can't somehow make the most of it. So, there is this concept for us, namely that we are not a business that will be in the inner cities; we will be a business that will provide service to the whole town for the happy and the unhappy.

Eats launch in Miami. Miami and Fort Lauderdale are incredible Eats stores for the Eats deal, while New York City - not so good. What reassurances do you boys need, from a security perspective, before you bring men in and hurl them into the sky in hundred of hours and several hundred foot, through a town where there are thousand of men down on the ground?

Well, the good thing is that the airline is probably the safest airline in the whole wide range. There' s a point where really clever humans don't have to come up with anything, and actually the experiences gained over years and years come into the picture and it's the chemistry that happens when you mix experiences with ludicrous Icons.

However, we do not want to compromise on security. Our work is with government agencies that know security in air transport better than any other transport system. We will work with them very early and get them into the tents, and hopefully we can develop a powerful one.

They speak of human beings against machinery, but the best thing I've found is a teamwork. I think the concept of autopilot was protected by another firm. Have you the feeling that it is up to Uber at Tempe to create more transparency about how it conducts independent tests?

Among them, former National Traffic Security Board chair, to review our work and come to his own conclusion. Actually, this urge for security is much greater than just autonomic or even increased, it is actually security on the Uber platforms. If you make 50 million journeys a days, you have good and evil on your platforms and you have security breaches.

Since the end of last year, our top priorities for the business have been what we call security, and that will be bringing together a number of different things we do. It is as if we as a business had begun to work intensively and decisively on this.

What do you think of the technology and regulation issues faced by Uber today? The difference to Uber is that we are not just a digitally owned business. We are a digitally based enterprise that touches on daily life in the United States. These are intended to reconcile the electronic part of this operation with the tangible part, including transport, accident, etc.

Will the California Supreme Court judgement alter how its riders are classified? This was a little different because it seems that in this case the firm hired salaried employees and tried to classify them as transitory for their own sakes.

The first reason why I asked riders what they liked about Uber was that every one of their top answers was: "I can be my own boss. What do you think? This is the hallmark of our business, because our driving partner is their own manager.

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