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There is a wide range of luxurious private jets to choose from to perfectly meet the specific requirements of your mission. Booking your luxury private jet online now! You can enjoy the privacy and comfort of your own private aircraft. You can find further information on the subject of private jet hire in our FAQs.

Fare is determined by a number of variables, among which types of aircrafts, location, schedules and distances.

Fare is determined by a number of variables, among which types of aircrafts, location, schedules and distances. At the example above an airplane with 8 persons would get by on R8.750 per passenger (possibly small coins for the high flyers). However, the least expensive alternative is to reserve the "empty routes" of charters, which can be up to 75% of the initial charters cost.

If a customer chartered an aircraft from Cape Town to Johannesburg, the aircraft often returned empty - a so-called "empty leg". That makes R3.125 per capita if you can fill the plane, which is less expensive than a bus seat for the same journey.

Of course, goals and flight times are not always easy and you have to check out the whole plane - you can't just check out two or three people. Written in collaboration with Air Charter Service.

What does it take to rent a plane?

Rental costs for a personal jet vary significantly according to a number of factors, such as where you go, when you return and what type of jet you rent. Chartering a Super King Air 200 for flights from London to Paris can be approximately 3,000, while a bigger plane like the Legacy 600 can take off at 10,000.

Although, you would be able to find the same trips at up to 75% less than the full charters rate by buying a lower priced empty leg. Another variable that can influence the costs of a privat jet rental is the type of aircraft you use and whether the plane must travel to that particular location to collect you.

They can also see if the plane needs to be repositioned so you can make intelligent choices to minimize your expenses and get the best value for your plane. What does a personal jet cost? No. Chartering an airplane can in some cases be much less expensive than fly it yourself.

For example, the purchase of a new Bombardier Challenger 300 would be approximately $24 million, and the overhead expenses for ownership of the jet, such as servicing and airplane operations, would be approximately $540,000. Over and above the overheads, other variables, such as kerosene, would be around $965,000 per 100 flight/hour.

That would mean that a flight on the Challenger 300 from London to Frankfurt would almost be twice the estimate of $7,000 for the charters. Renting a jet is often cheaper and more comfortable for individuals. A plane is not just for Christmas, it is for living and it needs a great deal of upkeep.

Various airplane models are more suited to specific itineraries and airports, so renting an airplane gives you more freedom to choose the best airplane for your trip.

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