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Freephone numbers - 800 business phone numbers Developed to fit your individual needs. Services are charged in full six-second steps with no peaks and a single tariff for Intralata, Intrastate and Interstate phone use. Dependable telephony solution with long range call duration and over 30 call functions. Reduce your costs and your costs by bringing voice and data together.

Provide your clients with a free number to call. Our use of the Certificates is governed by all valid servicing instructions, which are modified from time to time. HI does not provide extra call functions or toll-free servicing or long-distance number routing. Select from a range of Internet, voice and TV related applications.

Support for voice customer support

Whether it's to know who's making the call directly on your TV or to block undesired phone sales call, our voice services offer many great capabilities to help you get the most out of your services. You can ring up to five extra numbers at the same time for your phone. Push *72 to forward your call to a location, long distance phone or cell phone number of your choosing for automatic call forwarding.

Press *72 on the phone with the voice mail function enabled from which you want to transfer a call; hear 3 brief bleeps and then a beep. To make a remote call, type in the 10-digit phone number (1+ area code + phone number) to which you want to forward the call and await the beep.

The system will make a polite call to the forwarding number after the acknowledgement beep. When the forwarded subscriber accepts the call, the function is enabled. The function is not enabled if the call forwarding is engaged at set-up or there is no reply to the polite conversation.

If the forwarding number is not valid, you receive an error message. When you have voicemail, your voice mail call that would normally go to voice mail will still go to the forwarding number and voicemail for the forwarding number (if applicable). Call forwarding to the dialled number continues until deactivation.

Be sure to disable call forwarding by pushing *73 and awaiting the disable beep. Get started viewing your outbound calls from the last five month. A brief sound will be heard informing you when another person is trying to contact you. As soon as you receive the callwaiting signal, push and hold the handset lever or the flash key of your telephone.

Between the two call you can change back and forth as often as you like by pushing and holding the switching hooks or the flash key. Her phone rings and the second person is on the phone. When you are making an important call and do not want to accept the inbound call, you can just leave it out and keep on speaking.

If your phone is ringing, the caller's name and number appear on the display.

Turns on and off the caller ID on the TV: Stop inbound and outbound calling that can incur extra costs. You can use this function to lock incomming third parties and hunt group calling numbers. It is also useful to be able to prevent making and receiving phone numbers to other countries. Send your home and phone number to your home dispatching service when you call 9-1-1-1.

Push *67 to help preserve your private information by preventing your number from being shown via the caller ID for a particular call. You can only get phone call from persons you specify. Dial up to 30 phone numbers from which you want to retrieve phone conversations. Telephone numbers that are not included in your phone book are shown with a message:

"is not answering any phone call at this point. "Locked call-ers do not appear on the caller ID, are not redirected to another number and do not go to the voice message. Please note: When this function is activated, incomming 9-1-1 operator and other rescue service phone numbers will be block.

Either blocking anonymous phone conversations or blocking advanced anonymous phone conversations, but not both. Enable the use of *77 on your phone. You can use Anonymous Call Barring to bar phone conversations from persons who conceal their calling ID information. The majority of telephone networks (including our voice service) allow the customer to legitimate conceal his calling ID through his system preferences.

Enhanced block anonymous calling allows you to lock incoming phone conversations from persons who "forge" their calling ID. An increasing number of telecom marketers and fraudsters are trying to get through to our clients by using a wrong calling party ID ("spoofing") or sometimes no calling party ID information at all to avoid defensive measures such as blocking anonymous calling.

Advanced Anonymous Call Blocks interrupt these conversations. Be aware that this option may obstruct some legitimately placed phone numbers, such as incomming long haul numbers. Up to 30 phone numbers you want to lock. The caller on the locked subscriber list receives a message: "The subscriber you are phoning is not answering any phone call at this point.

" Locked call-ers are not displayed on the caller ID, are not redirected to another number, do not go to the voice message and do not appear on your caller ID. The Nomorobo ("no more robots") is a free, third parties favourite blocking call from known illicit telemarketers and roboocallers. When Nomorobo is enabled, your phone hangs up every call from a number on the Robocaller roll, usually after a ring.

When making a call, do not transmit caller ID information. If the Outbound Caller ID is enabled, unlock your Caller ID for a single call by dialling *82. If the Outbound Caller ID is off, select *67 to lock your Caller ID for a single call. Select not to have your telephone number listed in the telephone directory or assigned by the enquiry unit.

Use *74 to programme numbers that you frequently call so that you can call them with one key. How to configure the abbreviated dialling: Push *74 and hear the stuttering beep. Type the 10-digit number (dial 1 first if necessary) you want to use for abbreviated dialling, and await the acknowledgement beep ( Note: If the area needs only 7 numbers, do not type the area code).

In order to modify a saved number, please follow step 1-3 with the new number. In order to use abbreviated dialing, simply push the dialed number (from 2 to 9) followed by the # (pound) character and the system dials the phone number that matches the pre-programmed number. Get your phone messaging from any phone, e-mail or with VoiceZone® on-line.

Browse and control your voice mail and phone preferences on-line, complete with the ability to enable a call protection function named "Nomorobo". Simply include a third party in your call. Sharing good tidings with two members of your household or making simultaneous arrangements with your loved ones without having to make two phone conversations.

If you are conducting an active call, briefly push the flash key or the switching hooks. After you hear the callback beep ( three beeps and then one beep), select the second person's phone number. Push the flash key or the switching tick again and all persons will be connected during the call (if you push the flash key or the switching tick before you select the second persons, you will be connected to the first participant again).

If you are making a 3-way call, your Call waiting and Call Waiting with Caller ID will not work. Extra incomming phone conversations go directly to your voicemail (or get a busy tone if you don't have a voicemail service). From your telephone with voice activated, press 6-1-1-1 for voice support, servicing or repair.

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