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Twenty-seven Free Receive Templates for Microsoft Word Use these free receipt forms for Word to help you make a receipt for your small company or your own individual finance matters. As with other free Microsoft Word layouts, you can open the document repository and modify it with your own information. You can use many different kinds of receipt forms, among them supply forms, incoming payment forms, rental receipt forms, sale receipt forms, gift receipt forms, and proof of sale forms.

Many of these free receive receipts can still be used in a free text editor if you do not have Microsoft Office® Word. Also, even if it is transient, you can get a free evaluation version of Microsoft Office for months (including MS Word). Several of these receive layouts are download as archives where the layouts must first be extract before they can be used in your text editor.

Receipt documents confirm that a shipment has actually taken place. Professionally made receipt: Stylish, professionally looking presentation with a section for your corporate identity and contacts as well as your customers and purchasing information. Receipt of goods confirmation: Easy layout in clear color with available amount, volume and article rows. Tank bill of delivery:

Tan-coloured reception artwork in DOCX data formats with the top information of the firm and the bottom information of the recipient. Empty delivery note: It is very easy with a similar look to addressing an envelop, with the name of the firm at the top of the page and the recipient's information in the middle.

This MS Word receive pattern can be obtained in DOCX form from Microsoft. Incoming payments are the process of exchanging or withdrawing money used for a specific item orervice. Below are the free Microsoft Word receipt forms that will help you keep an eye on your incoming payments. A receipt form for a Petty Cash: This RIP file contains three duplicate receipt forms to describe a receipt for a payment of your choice including the amount, date, receipt number, account number, account number, debit, receipt and approval by the section.

Receipt for withdrawing cash: It has a picture wildcard and a large central chart to show the amount of withdrawals. Template for incoming payments: Please feel free to dowload this pay-in slip for Word, Excel or OpenOffice. The free receipt template for Microsoft Word is used for a lessee of a rented object.

It'?s a blue rental receipt: An incisive pattern that will fit on a small detail, but is also very detailled. Easy lease: There is no colour in this rental agreement and it has several rows for the number of the rental bill, the date, the amount, the real estate location and other particulars, as well as whether it was settled in bar, cheque or wire transfer.

User-defined templates for the rental document: The rental document templates guide you through the process of generating a user-defined rental document that contains the date, document number, amount obtained, method of paying, name and adress of the lessee, and the individual who receives the money. Copy for the rental document: You can download this rental agreement form for Microsoft Word, OpenOffice or Excel.

Documents proving that a sale has taken place. These are the free Word documents. Easy receipt: Extremely easy designing without colors and pictures. You can download this MS Word Receipt Document as a PDF or DOCX-Document. 3 voucher templates: Here are three document sale models that you can open in Microsoft Word and modify with your company's information, along with the articles you sell and the prices for those articles.

You can use a receipt to provide detailed information on a transactions made as a gift. A blue receipt for the donation: Contains all donor detail as well as the donor descriptor and value. Complete receipt of donation: There are three different version of this receipt available for downloading, and each has three matching receipt forms on one page.

There are two types of gifts in kind that a charity receives, and the third type is more suited to making monetary contributions. Donate thank you letter: This is a customizable document that behaves like a receipt but is less textured and perhaps even more so. Downloadable for MS Word as DOC or as ODT for use in OpenOffice and open with Google Docs.

You can use these as general documents to prove a sale. Receipt of sale Orange: It is an off-white pattern that allows an picture in the top right hand edge. The document repository is available in Microsoft DOCX form. Professionally good sales receipt: This is a professionally looking order form that you can use with Microsoft Word.

Contains a section for the organization name, buyer information and receiver information, and a chart for purchasing detail. Easy reception template: You can use this simple receipt form to describe what articles were purchased, as well as your name, address, and billing information. This reception pattern can be used to represent the content of a programme.

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