Teksi number

techsi number

light rail routes How can I buy them? The prices for tramways and other means of transport can be seen here: Remember that if you want to go to the suburbs, you will have to buy another more costly one. Taxis that are higher than those in Madrid are slightly higher and the minimal rate is also higher.

Offical taxis from and to both airports: Tariffs from Termini train stations to the downtown area should be between 8 and 15 ?. When you can, it's always a good suggestion to review the itinerary on Google Maps before you get in the cab so you have an inkling of how long it will take.

Select the right taxit type: First thing you need to do to avoid being cheated is to make sure that the cab you are taking is properly IDed. hailstorms with a phone number on the sides of the car, which means that they work for a cabpany.

When you have a dilemma, make a note of the taxi's number sign (always on the back of the front seats) and call the cabpany. At any time if you think you are being cheated, don't let the cab follower frighten you and call the Carabinieri. In addition, it is always a good suggestion to ask for a bill and lodge a complaint with the cabpany.

They are some of the best cabs in town: the best in the world: Taxicab radio: Protto Taxi: BIG tickets allow an infinite number of means of transport from the time of validation until the middle of the same night. BIG daily tickets cost 6?. BTI (Three-Day Tourism Pass) allows the visitor to use free access to transport from the time of the first validation and for the following two consecutive working day.

Same as BTI ticket, but it' re good for seven instead of three nights. The price of this ticket is 24 ?. How can I buy my ticket? You can buy your ticket for local transport at a ticket machine in any underground train stop, grocery store or kiosk. You can also buy your ticket by text message, but if you don't have an Italians telephone number, we don't suggest this one.

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