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Tipping a taxi on a business trip

If you are travelling on commercial trips to towns with extensive local transport systems, your organization can be expecting you to use a taxi, subway or shuttle instead of hiring a rental vehicle. A tip for a taxi is not only a good label, it is anticipated. If you use corporate money, you should record both the ticket price and the tip for your expenses.

You should also not change the taxi drivers, hoping to look like a cost-cutter for the chief. says passengers in New York City usually take taxis between 20 and 23 per cent of the overall rate. You can tip 15 to 20 per cent in most other towns. A receipt for expense is indispensable when you are on a corporate travel; you must return the originals to your organization for a refund.

Ask your taxi always for a receipt, best immediately after boarding. When the document does not contain the tip amount, enter it with a remark that identifies it as a tip. In case the taxi rider simply provides you with an empty application to fill in, please register the amount of the ticket and tip on the day and have it signed by the taxi rider.

According to accountholders, the transfer of your corporate documents, which you have completed yourself, can arouse suspicion of cheating. All taxis in Seattle and New York have to pay by accepting major international taxis. When you tip the taxi rider after he has paid the ticket price with a bank transfer, have the tip written by the rider on your receipt or put the amount on the receipt.

Businesses have different guidelines and practices when it comes to corporate travellers and expenses reimbursements. If, for example, you are travelling to a town where your firm does a great deal of work, you may be obliged to use a particular taxi service where your firm has an bankroll and tips may already be in it.

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