Commercial Jet Plane


However, the economic situation dictated exceptions, as only a few airlines could run the risk of missing a better product: De Havilland Comet was the world's first jet aircraft. The safest, deadliest and deadliest airliner in the world. Boeing says there are ten large commercial jet-only airliners that can say they are the most secure in the air after never killing a single occupant. Boeing's Statistical Summary of Commercial Jet Airplane Accidents Worldwide Operations 1959 - 2016 list the following Boeing 717 (formerly MD95), CRJ700/900/1000 local jets, A380 super jumbo, Boeing 787, Boeing 747-8, Airbus A350, Bombardier Cseries, A340 and Airbus A320 NEO engines as non-lethal. The Boeing 737 MAX engines have been in operation since then and have not been in any accidents.

In addition, the Boeing Review does not contain any jet produced in Russia or the former USSR block states, or any turboprop or reciprocating jet produced by any manufacturer. Further aircrafts with outstanding flight credentials are the Boeing 737NG range with 0.09 fatalities per million take-offs (PMD), Boeing 767 (0.10), Airbus 320 range (0.11), Boeing 777 (0.20), Boeing 757 (0.20) and Airbus A330 (0.21).

They are a small proportion of the first Boeing 707s, which have a lethal casualty ratio of 4.28 per million take-offs. The early 747 model even has a crashrate of 1.46. Boeing's Boeing Review also shows how a number of technology, such as ingenious, high-grade computer-aided flight controls, have drastically enhanced airplane security.

Let's take the most succesful aircraft in the whole wide range, the Boeing 737, with over 14,300 units delivered, which was put into operation for the first time in the 1967s. Early model had a lethal crashrate of 0.89 PMD. In 1984, the further developed 737-300/400/400/500 (Classics) had a crashrate of 0.25, while the 737 NG (New Generation) launched in 1998 had a crashrate of only 0.09. The 737 NG (New Generation) was the first model to be developed in this way.

Last year's latest release, the 737 MAX range, has been immaculate so far.

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