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Offering a low cost local taxi service with friendly and reliable drivers and offering further discounts on long distance taxi trips. TAXILINK Welcome : Taxilink Taxicab Link has been offering a pleasant, effective taxi service to the locals for 35 years. Taxi Link has evolved over the years from the modest beginnings of 6 automobiles to a total of over 70 automobiles, limousines, stalls and multi-seater automobiles. PACKAGING We accept the following modes of payment:


Taxicab Link is looking for a energetic person to join our operations staff in Southwick! Currently, we have a full-time position to fill in our Southwick office and are eager to broaden our current friendy group. Our role is to take phone and e-mail phone conversations and make reservations while making sure that we... provide excellent levels of client support.

So are you energetic, forward-thinking and able to provide excellent levels of client care? If you would like to speak to Zoe or Sarah informally or schedule an appointment for an oral consultation, please call 01273 59595959 or e-mail [ ](

Offering a low priced taxi locally with kind and dependable chauffeurs and further discount on long haul taxis.

Offering a low priced taxi locally with kind and dependable chauffeurs and further discount on long haul taxis. More than 80 trucks in our vehicle park, among them our 8-seater vehicle, our 8-seater vehicle and our vehicle for wheelchairs, we are sure that we can help. If you would like more information about our availabilities & bookings or would like to make a travel expense request, please call us now on 01273 434433 or e-mail us using the online reservation request page.

Click on the link above to view the full range of our services/fleet information on the company's website.

Fahrer-vehicle connection

Drivers are responsible for ensuring that this information is up to date at all moments by notifying the authority when it takes over the operations of a SPC. When you own and drive only one car and that car is never driven by anyone else, you need to contact the authority only once regarding that car.

However, if a lorry is used by more than one person, each person shall inform the authority each and every times he puts the lorry into service. When either your driving license or your driving license lapses or you replace the car associated with your driving license, all references on those licenses will be interrupted.

Before you can resume operation, you must inform the authorities of the type of car you wish to drive. There are a number of ways the authority can keep this information up to date.

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