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s." id="Early_life">"Early_life[edit]

Sydney Fly (May 2, 1849 - October 12, 1901) was an Old West photographer, considered by some to be an early photo journalist, who took the only known photographs of Indians while still at war with the United States. Many more shots of living in the booming Tombstone mine city, Arizona and the nearby area.

Recognizing the value of his photos for the illustration of periodics of the Day, he took his still cameras to the scene of important happenings, consciously recording them and reselling them to writers across the country. On 26 October 1881 he witnessed the shooting at the O.K. Corral in front of his photo studios.

Among them were Tombstone founders Ed Schieffelin, pioneering surgery specialist Dr. George E. Goodfellow, Wyatt Earps woman Josephine and others. Mary E. "Mollie" Fly, his surviving spouse, gave his rest of the paintings to the Smithsonian Museum before she passed away in 1912. He is a photographer who is famous and respected.

A picture of the 1912 fire photo studios of C. S. and Mollie Fly, taken by Mollie Fly in July 1880. Goodrich Fly was a photographer before marrying C.S. Fly in San Francisco. In December 1879, they reached Tombstone, Arizona Territory. The shooting match took place on 26 October 1881 in the O.K. Corral in an avenue next to his pension.

"the Apache lawless and murdering scenes in Geronimo's encampment. Recorded before the capitulation to Gen. Crook, March 27, 1886, in the Sierra Madre Hills of Mexico, escapes on March 30, 1886. "Geronimo posed with members of his clan and the collaborators of General George Crook during the March 27, 1886 wars.

" Geronimo requested one of the paintings of Geronimo with two of his children next to him. Fly's photos are the only surviving photos of Geronimo's capitulation. Fly, a tomato stone artist, was occupied with his photography and posed his Apache girls with a vein that would have mirrored the immortal brilliance of a Chicago percussionist.

Contemporary replica of Fly's photo studios in Tombstone, Arizona. Released in 1900. "Geronimo, Yanozha (Geronimos´s brother-in-law), Chappo (Geronimo´s, Son of his second wife) and Fun (Yanozha´s, half brother) (from right to left) 1886. "Sketch in Geronimo's encampment before capitulation to General Crook, March 27, 1886: Group in Natches' encampment; boy with guns.

" "before surrendering to General Crook on March 27, 1886: "before surrendering to General Crook, March 27, 1886: Group of 18 men, woman and child. A controversial portrayal of Sadie Marcus Behan (Josephine Earp) in Tombstone around 1881. India Agency cops outside the guardhouse in San Carlos, Arizona.

Color Orient Saloon in Bisbee, Arizona Territory around 1900. Charleston, Arizona Territory, 1885. Although Camillus and his spouse had been separate for years, she was at his bed when he passed away in Bisbee on 12 October 1901. She took precautions so that his corpse could be brought back to Tombstone, where it was laid to rest on the new gravestone cemetery.

Initially called "Geronimos Camp" before surrendering to General Crook on March 27, 1886: Then Geronimo and Natches climbed up; Geronimo's boy (Perico) stood by his side and held the child. Hop up to: a and Blanton, Heather Frey (2014). Brought back on October 23, 2014. "The C. S. Fly Pioneer Photojournalist." Journal of Arizona History (Autumn 1989, Ed.).

Brought back on October 22, 2014. Brought back on October 24, 2014. Returned on August 11, 2010. Returned on March 17, 2013. Leap high ^ R.W. Graeme (1987), "Bisbee, Arizona's Widow Queen of Mines, a look at her first 50 years," in Arizona's Tucson Historical Mining: Hop up "Photo of McLaury, McLaury and Clanton."

Brought back on October 21, 2014. Brought back on October 22, 2014.

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