Alaska Airlines 17

Álaska Airlines 17

An Alaska Airlines also has codeshare agreements with 17 other airlines. The current uniforms of Alaska Airlines, which can be seen here, are intended for a general overhaul. Alaska Airlines' new uniform will be revealed on Thursday.

Alaska Airlines, headquartered in Alaska, USA, and Luly Yang, a clothing couturier, will present a new tailor-made clothing line at an Alaska Airlines show at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on Thursday at an upcoming Alaska Airlines show. Its target group is 2,000 staff members. The last time Alaska staff received new uniform was in 2011. In addition, the introduction of the airline's new customized Luly Yang unit follows the full update of the Luly Yang line in January 2016 - the first in 25 years - and the progressive Virgin America lineup.

No Alaska will pass on any pictures of the unified look until the staff take their first look at it on Thursday. Initially, the runtime model and the 130 staff of Alaska, Virgin America and the affiliated company Horizon, who will carry out the various wearing tests for 60 whole day, are obliged to keep all detail confidential.

"There' s a great deal of inquisitiveness, and the staff tell me if anyone asks me what the uniform looks like, how it only looks rose with dark polka dots," says Yang, the Seattle fashion director known for her accessoires, fashion, bridal, coctail and dinner fashion and ready-made clothing lines. The Alaska Air brand starts with the fusion with Virgin America, promising "more to love", Yang is enthusiastic, but also well informed about the special features of the new line.

She' will say that she thinks that the staff will be delighted with all the bags and that she is particularly proud of the pilots' hats she has created for the series. Overall, however, she is optimistic that the new unit will make a major contribution to bring together the Alaskan and Virgin American civilizations. Designing a unified set that reflected these mixed civilizations was a provocative mystery.

However, Yang and Alaska Airlines searched and got inputs from focal groups, hundreds of staff interviews and face-to-face encounters with the airline's staff in many towns during the multi-year campaign. Says that this year Alaska has taken a pro-active approach to improving the security and workmanship of the end products due to problems encountered by employees with a repeat of uniform.

Mr. Azizzone said that the company is working in close cooperation with two leading companies in the sector of textiles security and quality: Unisync, one of the biggest uniforms supplier in North America, and Oeko-Tex, whose Standard 100 third-party certifying programme is recognised worldwide for tissue chemicals tests.

Following the unveiling of the Alaska Airlines outfit on Thursday at the Alaska Airlines Seattle Hangar and the 60-day wear-testing programme, Yang and her design staff will gather another round of employee - and passenger - input and make any necessary changes. Then there will be another round of abrasion tests before the suits are manufactured, fitness trips are carried out and the complete line will be launched at the end of 2019 at the airport and in the skies.

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