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Stunning tours through Lady Liberty and the skyline of Manhattan. New York helicopter rental saves time when you avoid people and traffic by flying. NYC Helicopter Charter lets you fly over traffic and saves time. The amazing skyline of York City brightened up in a perspective normally reserved for private charter! Helicopter private flights offer the fastest way to avoid crowds and maximize your valuable time.

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No matter whether you're travelling to a central inner cities conference or bringing key customers to your management office throughout the entire metropolitan area, let our fully chartered, commercial pilot take you to your destinations. You' ll be enjoying all this along with security, convenience and personalization. All necessary steps are taken to make sure that your journey with us is secure, convenient and pleasant.

If you use us as your helicopter charter solutions, you will also benefit from ours: Contact us today at (888) 690-8513 or (917) 720-4659 to find out how you can charter your next one. The charter helicopter flights are operated by our affiliate Zip Aviation.

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A 60-minute limousine trip from Manhattan to LaGuardia with our Sikorsky S-76 charter helicopter takes you on a 10-minute plane journey. Started with a limousine from lower Manhattan, parked in Teterboro, in the air, awaiting landing and rolling in Dulles - and then another vehicle to growl in highway use. We' ll meet you at one of the three New York helicopter ports and in 75 min we' ll be landing near D.C. City.

After a 10-minute drive to the National Mall or Capitol Hill.

Helicopter crash kills 5 East River in New York; pilot survives

After a helicopter fell into the East River off Manhattan on Sunday evening, five men were murdered, keeping only the pilots safe, the officials said. It flew along a favourite itinerary for tourists who want to see the Manhattan skies. it flies too quickly and descends too quickly.

In skyscrapers and park along the banks of the stream, they observed the helicopter plunge into the cold waters, the helicopter loosing height as if landed on firm land. His whirling rotor, hacked into the stream, finally came to a halt as he tipped over, turned over and began to fall just after 7 pm. A few moments later the pilots escape, climbs to the top of the wreck and screams for help, a witnesses said.

Meanwhile, a fleet of tugs and distress vessels met at the site of the accident, a few hundred metres from Roosevelt Island, and began a hectic quest for others on deck. Ambulance crews plunged into the sea to save the occupants, who were clamped and had to be excised, said Daniel A. Nigro, New York Fire Department Chief, at a press briefing.

Fighting streams of 5 mph and a sea level below 40 C, he said, the responder dragged the passenger out of the underwater helicopter and took them to land. In spite of the emergency effort, all five occupants were murdered, said James Long, a fire department spokesperson, early Monday mornings. Wasn' immediately clear what crashed the helicopter.

Testimonials said it attracted their interest because it traveled quicker and at a lower elevation than the choppers that normally travel along the East River between Manhattan and Queens. National Transportation Safety Board said Monday that 14 of its staff were on their way to inspect the accident. Liberty Helicopters' Eurocopter AS350 helicopter flew as a charter to take pictures, police commissioner James P. O'Neill said at the press briefing.

Liberty Helicopters, headquartered in New Jersey, says it is the only airline that has a license to travel within 1,000 ft of the Statue of Liberty on all its itineraries. According to the booklet, for 28 years now, drivers have been "flying safely". Those who experienced the accident said they saw helpers pulling a man out of the pool - a man covered in a cloth of snow - and taking him to an infirmary at 8 p.m. About an hours later, three persons were taken out of the pool and placed on stretcher frames.

Ambulance assistants were observed being deployed in the CPR in an ambulance. Melchon went for a walk in Carl Schurz Park on the Upper East Side of Manhattan when she said she saw the helicopter descending into the sea. She said she thought it was a fire engine helicopter.

She said that after it had fallen, it almost immediately overturned, its runners pointing into the sky. Xinran Jiang, another Israeli citizen who is living with her man on Roosevelt Island, said that the helicopter was driving the East River all the way, but that it immediately attracted their interest. At 21:30 a tug had brought the helicopter to the Heliport East Street 34th.

A helicopter is an everyday view of New York City's navigable waters, taking visitors on excursions and transporting commuteers. After a helicopter fell into the East River in 2011, three tourist were killed and two more lived. A WNBC helicopter fell on a rooftop in Brooklyn's Flatbush district during a shootout in 2004, but all three persons on the ship lived.

Nor were there any losses when, in 2005, two choppers - one with senior management from MBNA Corporation, a large corporate bank - plunged into the East River in less than a weeks.

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