Pco License Application Pack

Package of Pco License Applications

The renewal package should arrive approximately four months before your license expires. License and approval requests - Rental vehicle driving license Everyone who runs or possesses a personal rental vehicle. As from 1 December 2016, approval bodies shall be forbidden to issue licenses, even extensions, to persons who are unqualified because of their immigrant background. That means we need to verify whether an individual has a permit to reside in the UK and work as a PHC when you are applying for a license for the first time or applying for an extension or renewal of an established license for the first time.

We do not take any application without all the necessary controls of police records or a satisfying immigrant state. Every license granted is governed by the terms of the Standards. Licences may also contain specific terms. Applicants must have been in possession of a DVLA driving license for at least 12 month.

Doctor' s checkup necessary. Please be aware that candidates should apply in writing so that their photo can be taken. This photo will be included in all license documentation for the purpose of identifying it. The applicant will also be invited to a brief meeting with a permit official to conduct the necessary right to work verifications.

Make sure that you fill in an up-to-date application sheet as obsolete application documents will not be acceptable. Before you submit your application, please refer to the guidelines in the application package. Remember that all license application charges are non-refundable and you can browse our Refund Guidelines for more information.

If the license is to be owned by a private or public limited liability corporation, additional documents are necessary.

Driver and vehicle taxi applications

Every chauffeur is entitled to operate either HKC or private rental cars with a driver's license. Notice: Car charges will not be refunded if an application is rejected or for any other reasons. The first year is not eligible for a refund in any case. Driving licences are issued for three years.

They must be in good shape and order and have been in possession of a valid driver's license for at least 12 month. In order to extend your license, we need: We' re not in a position to grant new Hackney coach licenses. The following documents should be enclosed with your application: At the time of approval, the vessel must be less than 5 years old and at the time of replacement not more than 8 years old.

More information about cars.

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