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Playing the Plan It Green game from National Geographic Games. You have been elected mayor of your hometown and have decided to use the barren environment and plan it green! Open up. Turn it on! Happy birthday, you've completed Plan It.

Plan It Green is free to play online!

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You have been voted mayor of your home town and have chosen to use the sparse surroundings and plan it green! Restore the unspoilt beauties of your home by creating a lighter, more clean world. Construct eco-homes and carry out green upgrades while creating new green workplaces and industries in your town.

Boost your Greendex by leaving the paths of the past behind and creating a nice, lasting metropole! Choose the latest green upgrade and turn your town into a new one! It'?s simple to be green! Please note: This pack needs Adobe Flash Player. Try to install the latest Flash Player if the pack does not work. Loading this pack will take a few seconds.

Make it green: generating station

Make it green: Gen Station is a funny energizing puzzle that lets you choose the right order of parts of a generating station to build a working generating station. Designed to complement Plan It Green: Big Switch, a great on-line gameplay that allows gamers to shape and shape their own energy-efficient cities of the world.

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PlansItGreen was born from the Communityworks program of the Oak Park River Forest Foundation, which aims to improve the vitality and lives of Oak Park and River Forest. This plan - which was concluded in 2011 through a 10-month social commitment period - will continue to be put into practice, and a metric Sustainability Report Card will be issued on a regular basis to assess achievements and areas of emphasis.

The PlanItGreen Sustainability Plan lowers the ecological impact and promotes the joint sustainability goals of Oak Park and River Forest by 2020. PlanItGreen Stage 1 began in August 2010 with the Center for Neighborhood Technology's process of aggregating base line metrics to utilize fellowship resources.

Stage 2, spearheaded by APG in cooperation with the Delta Institute, involved a multi-layered social commitment cycle leading to the formulation of a definitive plan with objectives, guidelines and policies in nine areas of sustainable business. The Oak Park River Forest Community Sustainable Reporting Card provides a glimpse of how we are progressing towards our sustainable objectives.

Basic data - from 2007 - were compiled and used as a comparative base. In the course of history, the Sustainable Development Reports maps shed light on current developments, identify achievements and deficiencies, and eventually help make choices about further policy, strategy and resources needed to meet the objectives of the 10-year plan by 2020.

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