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The PickMe is a Sri Lanka based taxi tailing app developed and maintained by Digital Mobility Solutions (Pvt) Ltd. based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The PickMe Taxi connects commuters with certified public taxis at normal fares within minutes. PickMe has become the most popular taxi service in Sri Lanka in less time. With PickMe you can reach all means of transportation in Freetown (Taxi, Kehkeh or Okada) with just one call.

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Jiffry Zulfer is the founder CEO of PickMe as a industrial businessman who has founded and successfully managed several technology-based companies for 16 years. Before PickMe, he was active as Chief Operating Officer and part of the start-up team of anything.lk, which was renamed wow.lk after it was purchased by Dialog Axiata PLC due to its growing track record as the first of its kind in the e-commerce industry.

To recognize his talents as a driver of techno preneurship, Zulfer received the Young IT Professional Award from International Technical Association (ICTA) (May 2006) and the FCCISL Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award (April 2004). A passionate traveller and aspiring young nerd Zulfer felt the need in Sri Lanka to develop a taxi calling technique similar to those that successfully revolutionized the taxi business around the globe.

In a first stage, Zulfer got close to his fellow students in the ICT area and investigated the possibilities of development of the technique. Soon he had a competent young crew that was working on the development of his own Taxi-Hailing-App for Sri Lanka.

As soon as the prototypes were finished, Zulfer came closer to Ajit Gunerwardene, who is a acclaimed business man in the state and is also the vice president of John Keells Holdings PLC. who gave him 15 min to present the concept. Ayit says he was resold 15 moments later. Ajit was joined by Ruchi Gunewardene and several other privately held companies, among them Interblocks Ltd. and Lanka Orix Information Technology Services Ltd.

Gunewardene is now president of PickMe.

pickmen (Sri Lanka)

The PickMe is the number one transport hauling rig for the western province of Sri Lanka, covering the islands more and more every year. No matter if you need one of Sri Lanka's characteristic tricycles, a luxurious vehicle that will amaze you, or something in between, PickMe takes you with just a few fingertips to your mobile wherever you need to go in safety and comfort.

Each PickMe trip includes either wireless or wireless payment, real-time driving track and price estimation for a comfortable and trouble-free journey. PickMe couldn't be easier. Start the application and make sure that your actual position is shown as the correct pick-up point. Choose the type of car (Tuk, Nano, Mini, Limousine, Van, VIP) you want for your trip.

You will also see an estimate of your ETA to help you determine which type of car is most likely to collect you. When you have a promotion rebate key (we're happy to spend it!), don't forgive entering it. Finally, touch "Book now" and let us use our magical powers to take you with us.

After matching, you can follow the chauffeur in motion, clearly displaying the chauffeur's name, image, car model and registration number in the application to help you locate your chauffeur. Don't let it be forgotten to sit back and relax and relax and enjoy your drive with PickMe! When you need a car for the whole trip or plan a trip in ahead, you can do this directly from the application.

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