Fast Track Taxi bill

Fast-track taxi bill

Thanks to Fast Track advance booking, you can travel unhindered. However, later I don't get any billing details except thanks SMS. Speed Call Taxi Reclamations They didn't inform us about the permission to use the Pondicherie trail when we were booking the taxi, because we kept asking if there was an additional fee, and they refused, but the truck drove in between and began to talk very impolitely...


Contacting the account manager Mustafa, he gave a very scandalous answer: "People who have no idea will always give when asked a question, because you know everything we have, an excuse "... Ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much for your inquiry. Client Relationship Department, Fast Track Private Limited.

MY TICKET WITH THE RESERVATION OF TAXIS WAS DEBITED TWICE AT THE AIRPORT DESK ON 2.8.2018, THURSDAY AT 22:44 CLOCK. Your driver's very laughable and impolite behavior to molest a familiy at 12 o'clock by not complying with the obligation for which the money was paid. If we pay Rs.400 for a 8 km drive, won't it be customer-friendly and humane to meet the needs of our clients?

This is an unfortunate event and I have really felt ill about it and forgot to trust your services. From now on I have chosen to reserve THE LOCAL CABINS, which are much less expensive, more accessible and easier to use. Everybody, normally I traveled with Uber / Ola to visit Uber / Ola to visit my home in the city of Chennai for my formal and private work. For the first occasion I had taken a Fast Track Call Taxi from my home in St. Petersburg to my home in the city of Uber / Ola to get to my home in the city of Uber / Ola at 22-07-17 at 18.43 hrs.

Reservation ID-59579,,, Vehicle No: TN02AW5509, I had the taxi at 18.43, but the taxi arrived at my seat only at 19.30, I payed the amount by payment and got the confirmation note after I arrived at the terminal operator who had asked to receive the money, but I said that I had already payed by payment and also showed the confirmation note, but the operator did not accepted this and compelled me to make the payment in cash.400

/-. Due to the urgency I have paid, I am really disappointed in this matter, I have called customer service many times and logged the complaint, 'But nevertheless I do not get any amount,,,, Very very bad experience with Fast Track, after that I do not recommend Fast Track to any of my friends / colleagues.......... my friend's friend's colleague.

On June 2, 2017@ 8:00 am, my spouse and my daugther left Chennai International Airports on board. There was a serious crash due to the mere carelessness and ruthless handling of the vehicle by the drivers. They were very tough when I approached Fast Track Beschwerdezelle and didn't even have the fundamental politeness to answer correctly.

As I asked them to reimburse me my medical expenses (as it was a vast amount), they said cool that it was your fault why you went aboard a Fast Track Call taxi. Next, they said that companies for profits does not run for refunds, please ask the chauffeur and ask for your cash. Not only are these guys impolite, they also have the worse riders in town.

My wish is to ask all humans not to get into this worse taxi company and jeopardize their lives or love their lives. On 10 February 2017 I reserved a taxi, booking number 63630 for the outstation journey pick-up Morning 5. 00 AM 12 February 2017. At 30 I phoned the rider, who said he'd be there on the dot.

Afterwards, I phoned him about 25 different time, he didn't take the call. They said the taxi would be there in another 10-minute. Every ten of a minute from there I would call almost 15 hours a day to our support team, but the response is that the same taxi is near your site.

Nearly clock is tomorrow 7.30 o'clock after 2 o'clock. For 30 and a half hour the account managers told me they didn't know where the taxi was. I' ve been wasting my whole tag because I don't have 1 STUPID Service FAST TRACK Company. Today I have reserved a fast train taxi MANNGADU(Chennai) TO RANIPET (3/2/2017) 10:00 AM I have received the FAST TRACK CALL TAXI RE 8/ KM and Driver bedta RE 300 FAST TRACK CALL TAXI RE 8/ KM.

No. TN10AX5019of rider Collected total travel distance KM UP/DOWN 250Km (250*9=2250 +300)=Rs 2550/-from me. 2650-1900= R350= 2650-1900= r350= FAST TRACT CALL TAXI cheats me. On November 9, 16 I had reserved a Fast Track Call Taxi for my pick-up from Ambattur and transfer to Chennai Airport and on November 10, 16 for my pick-up from Chennai Airport and transfer to Ambattur.

On all four sides, front and back, the cars Fast Track had sent for the two journeys were severely damage, and I was quite afraid to drive in them. Due to the lack of sufficient free space, I could not change or rebook several cars and had no option but to use them.

Also, the rider seemed not to have taken a dip for several whole day and his face seemed intoxicated. On my journey from Ambattur to Chennai International I had made a grievance to Fast Track and they had said that they would take it up in the near term.

The taxi they had sent me from Chennai International to Ambattur on November 10 was less than on November 9. I talked to Fast Track again and said to them that I would not make the money. They had not heeded my complaints and asked me with arrogance to reimburse the full amount to the chauffeur, without even granting a rebate for the shipment of such a bad vehicle for pick-up and drop-off and with bad people.

There were some pictures of the car that Fast Track had sent on November 10 and the driver's picture to show what it was like. Booking cabin for 4, later added another member and it came to 5 o h b e r when we got the cabin, the taxi rider said when his 5 I'm not going to allow inside the cabin not to climb into the cabin in stupid manner, I asked him his just 15 minutes trip and only one member is over he said you call and booking SUV guy in such stupid manner that I've never experienced using any drivers.

As we check with Fast Track by phone call, this guy just starts the vehicle and leaves without telling any of us. Wastage of 1 hour from us because of the fast track rider POOR ATTITUDE! A READY RIDER!!!!!!!!!! Fast-track booking on September 11 @16:20 for the airports services the reserved ID 64804 taxi NOTN09CA6289 at the last moment the drivers said that he is not able to arrive at a moment when I notified the Fast-track Bureau, but the woman will do.

I even ask this Sabbath car, not to be able to get the full excitement. We should try to prevent such an irresponsible taxi ride. Complaining about the surcharge calculated for me tonight (23 July 2016) from Kovur to Avadi. I' m completely frustrated with the Fastrack Call Taxi and Customer Support team fees, I won't be hiring Fasttrack anymore and wouldn't be recommending anyone.

"I have a speed traveler scheduled for pick-up at approximately 9am for the pick-up at 7.30pm." I have a speed traveler scheduled for pick-up at approximately 9am. Staff, I had a taxi at 0410 o'clock in the mornings on Mo, 20.06.2016 from Mandavelipakkam, Chennai and asked for a transfer to the Chennai International Airfield.

Another details: and the taxi chauffeur was impolite and he didn't comprehend my state, I tried to try to account for the late arrival of your crew and so I skipped the plane. At 3-6-16 in the morning I had reserved a fast train taxi at 7 o'clock. He picked me up in range to vadapalani.sharp7. CSTRCK: I chartered an express train taxi from Chennai on 14.05.2016 to go to Tiruvannamalai and Vellore and return to the city.

It was 472 km and we came back to the city of Chennai at 23:30 on the same morning. Like per the parcel, I only have to give 300/- Rh as rider bidta. However, the rider took 600/- Rh away from me as a rider by the name of Aatta. I asked him about it and he said that we had covered more than 250 kilometres, so the rider should be redoubled to two.

Fast Track Appeals No 9841036666 are not available at all to lodge a complaints on this subject. Don't ask for anything from the Complaints Division. No: TN-85-8058, driver's name: During the ride the motorist drove on his cell phone and met my automobile. He ran away and said he had to choose someone for the airfield.

Pitiful Fast Train cabin ride experiences. Even though they pretend not to be a 1 taxi services prot├ęder, but I've recently been booking through them. They said 20 minutes before I'm going to get the taxi's detail. So when I phoned them after they didn't get an answer, they said directly that we can't supply a taxi today, find out some other options.

Fortunately I recalled them in advance then only I might have been able to handle some alternate osteotomy move missing. On 11.11.2015 we reserved a call taxi from our Residenz to the main railwayhof. At 17:30 we phoned Taxi Support and asked them to come to Mandaveli at 19:00 to pick you up.

We' ve tried their support several of the time, but none of them takes the trouble to answer the call (044-24524422 / 9087544400) and eventually we have to abandon our itinerary. It has been purchased in fact (Rs.4625. 60 incl. handling fee) and I have tried to cancel it, there is no reimbursement for fact ticket....

Due to these taxis our trip was canceled, the amount of the reservation squandered and we left the rest at home. What we need is a quick solution and a balance. At 8am in the mornings, I reserved a call taxi myself for an important job the night before, but to my amazement they even sent the driver's data after 9am. When I repeated my call to them, the answer was: "We won't be able to ship the requested vehicle, so don't hire from any other provider".

When they want resources, they could have said it themselves before, but they kept saying that the rider would be there in 10 minutes, but after an hours they said this kind of answer. I' ve been a faithful Fast Track client for 6 years, but have never dealt with such a problem and would never like to return to Fast Track.

I' m typing this news to tell you what Fast Track did last evening, I'm not sure whether Fast Track does this consciously with clients as it talks very badly about the business. We' ve been in the fast lane for many years and this is the third occasion this has happened to me.

For a three hours parcel I had reserved to go to the main train depot on (10.07.2015) at 22 o'clock and got the reservation number (45888). Usually we get the text message an hours before the chauffeur arrives. At 9.15 pm I phoned the support to tell them that I didn't get the text message on my cell phones, they said that they were coming, again at 9.40 pm I phoned and they said that you book for 10 pm, you will get the text message and the drivers will come.

and they said they'd mail it right away. 10 pm and when I call the chauffeur, he says he needs another 25 minutes to get to my house. That' s an absolute dishonor, and I am responsible for what they did. Well, what if I book a plane fare, it's a complete blow to the fast track.

Surely Fast Track has now disappeared from my call log. Also, you've noted that the automobiles aren't even tidy at all. i named them by 2:40 p.m. and they tell Tavera and all the big sized automobiles are occupied v you're only provided two small sized cares each costs US$ 280, which would be US$ 280. res. 200 extra...i ask you that it is your fault and inform the client very later after the reservation period that even if clients only call, so i will be paying res. For both cars 360 since it was their fault that they said they only charged 560 and ended the call.....then I tried little of my no while.

My mother named me, my mother named me. You say that even small cars are not in our line, it will take 40 minutes until it was 14:50 o'clock. Thus v too higher for us had to own a rented vehicle, which was 600 in this last minute and arrived at the shopping center at 3:30 p.m. for the 3:35 p.m. show...when we arrived at the luxury indoor canvas 11, it was 3:40 p.m....despite the expenses of 600 for the pavement, we missed the first 5-10 minutes of the film at 3:35 p.m. I call the continuous call from the first lane, which we will now be sending you the vehicle.....

and after the show I had booked the was your staff who made sure that I would schedule the schedule for 6...but you can call us anytime after the film that we are going to be sending the 6 o'clock I phoned them, they said that the schedule hey phoned me from the surgery staff and said that there is no taxi on your line.......

It' this last moment's horrible reaction makes my days and my excursions into sleep, confusing, tense, disappointing and depressing. EACH NATION HAS ITS OWN OBLIGATIONS AND ITS OWN TIMING ALS TIMES A PERCIOUS WHJCH IS ONCE PERISHED WE WILL NEVER GET BACK........THIS KIND OF BAD THINGS MAKE OUR DAYS BAD THINGS.

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