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Our services are available throughout the Los Angeles region, including El Segundo and area. What is in El Segundo? The Segundo, meaning "the second" in Spanish, was given its name after the fact that it was the second standard oil refinery ever constructed on the west coast. Surrounded by a group of workers, the town has grown but gradually transformed into a business area.

El Segundo won the 2006 Eddy Award as the most business-friendly town in Los Angeles County. A lot of locals need a taxi to some of El Segundo's most important businesses from the airports or other places. Joint company goals are Boeing, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and The Aeroospace Corporation or Los Angeles Air Force Base and Space and Missile Center, underscoring El Segundo's commitment to the aviation and space industries.

In addition to the many company agencies and sites for the aviation, space and petroleum industries, El Segundo also has a number of amusing rides, such as Toyota Sports Centre. The LA Lakers as well as the LA King's training facility is situated in the Toyota Sports Center in El Segundo. The publicly accessible centre provides you with the opportunity to benefit from first class amenities for birthdays and other celebrations as well as the use of member outfit.

Car travel center. Packed with vintage car artefacts over time, this large open-air bus tour provides Sunday trips in many of the museum's automobiles. Since the beginnings of car racing to the present days, the Auto Driving is a great place to visit as an alternate to conventional driving malls! El Segundo Kunstmuseum pursues an "Art Lab" concept for large works of work.

It displays state-of-the-art works of art covering a broad spectrum of mediums and themes. In El Segundo this emblem is known for its stages and music. This theatre is one of the most important stations in the El Segundo area, with recent and contemporary productions. Spend an unforgettable night visiting El Segundo with a tour of the ArcLight cinemas to see your favourite movie!

The majority of visitors come to Los Angeles International Airport or LAX when they visit El Segundo. Give us a call today to get a quick and dependable taxi service anywhere in the Los Angeles region, up to and personalized with El Segundo.

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