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Taxistand Rome

Several hundred cheap hotels welcome tourists staying in Rome. Taxis - Airfields for Roma The taxi is available in the arrivals areas of Terminal 1 and Terminal 3. Authorised taxi cars are marked with a " TAXI " plate on the top. There is a community identifier on the front door and a license plate on the door, on the back and inside the car.

For some destinations, inclusive of all surcharges, the set tariffs (per route) are as follows: The above rates are set by the local authority and are subject to alteration without prior notification. You can find more information on the website of the Rome Commune and the Fiumicino Commune. Journeys from the aerodrome to a final point within the Grande Raccordo Anulare (and back ) must not be more than 70,00 ?.

There is a charge for the distance between the Fiumicino International Park and the town of Fiumicino (about 7 km). Fiumicino Municipality taxi services are available on the arrival floor on the major street in front of Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 and on the side street in front of the railway terminal.

ATTENTION: Any other car could be used by people not in posession of a taxi fee. Passengers within the aerodrome who offer transportation service to the town without the necessary authorizations should be taken into account.

Costs for a taxi to and from the Roman airport

There was a point when I used to pay the right taxi rate from Rome to the airports. When they rush, I make it clear that I talk enough to reason... with taxi driver. I' m always fighting with cabbies. Those rulings and prescriptions determine the start tariff and the prices within Rome. Prices outside Rome vary according to area.

Lastly, prices are fixed for flights to and from Rome and to the Fiumicino and Ciampino aerodromes. A taxi to or from Fiumicino aerodrome from the centre of Rome costs 48 euros. Fiumicino is the most important and sometimes also referred to as Fiumicino Leonardo da Vinci Flughafen. It costs 30 euros from the centre of Rome to or from Ciampino Park or from the aerodrome.

In the last years I had a hassle with cabs in Ciampino (where most cheap planes like RyanAir take off). It seems that the riders there have reached an agreement to raise the rate, the antitrust type, and say that they will only bring you to the centre for 35 or 40 euros, even if the fixed rate is clearly indicated on the taxi doors.

When you want to be sure about the prices, you can make a reservation for a shuttle from the airport with a firm like Welcomeickups. Exactly the same as a taxi from the Roman airport (30 or 48 euros according to whether you are arriving in Ciampino or Fiumicino), but then a taxi chauffeur with your name on a sign is awaiting you.

Benevolent rider used the gauge the way he should. In fact, he gave us a voucher for the ride to Ciampino airport: Tip: If you want to take a taxi in downtown Rome (centro storico), always check the number. Don't accept the friendly taxi driver's suggestion to take you from Termini to the EspaƱol Staircase for the low costs of 15 euros.

You can use the measuring device or find yourself another taxi. It'?s an officially issued cab, of course. Keep in mind that it can be difficult to stop a taxi on the road. Taxis are only intended to stop for a pick-up when you call and order one or from an authorized taxi rank. Taxis are simple enough to find...but most taxis stop when you say you need a ride.

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