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Personal taxi number

The passenger fee depends on the number of seat belts. Homepage | George's Taxi George's Taxi has been offering a large selection of luxurious Athens taxi and minibuses (Athens Airport Transfers, Athens Port Transfers, Athens Private Days ) since 1993, as well as private daily and multi-day trips throughout Greece, and visits some of the most scenic places such as Ancient Corinth, Mycenae, Olympia, Old Delphi, Meteora and many more.

Athens, the town with the most illustrious past in the whole wide range of the earth, a town revered by deities and men, a magic town. Notable Athens is by the large number of memorials and the largest historic site such as Acropolis, Parthenon, Old Agora, Zeus Temple and much more. Observe the scenery and memorials and listen to the story and general information given by your own individual driver/guide.

Our Athens Land Trips take you with an English language chauffeur in an air-conditioned Mercedes from your Pireaus harbour berth ed cruiser and individual Athens Tour with one of our knowledgeable, licenced tour leaders. Simply have a seat, unwind, observe the scenery and sights and listen to the story and general information given by your own individual driver/guide.

Our walks in Athens will help you rediscover the beauties and mysteries of this beautiful town. You will be accompanied by your tour leader through the memorials of the Athens metropolis, who will bring the story and its characters to live. From your hotels, apartments, villas, airports, railway stations or terminals we will collect you and support you on your journey.

George's Taxi is a Greek-American private company that has grown from more than 20 years of expertise in the provision of top class private trips, small group trips, land trips and auto service. Inspired by the concept of assisting others to undertake the same "intellectual" trip that the town has undertaken for us, a thousand-year trip into the culture of the past, into more than three millennia of humanitarian existence and activities, witnessed by the manufactories and artists still present in the town today.

Are you interested in a journey to explore your ancient Greece?

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