Private 747 for Sale

747 private for sale

to own a B-747 as a private aircraft. on eBay with a $300,000 bids. Virgins first Atlantic Boeing 747 jump engine was offered for sale on eBay with a start offer of more than a quarter of a million US dollar and a buy-it-now offer of 900,000 US dollar (£615,000). Our company has all the facilities to dismantle the airplane and carry it in stages. The 747-400 from Boeing, known as the Queen of the Skies, was the world's first wide-body aeroplane with a 21 foot width torso, a 211.

5 foot span and a length of 232 feet.

May I buy a 747?

Obviously, the older the plane, the more service pain you'll get. However, there is a crossing point where the purchase of a new vehicle makes no point while a used airplane does. However, like any old automobile, a used airplane has a long service time. They would not run a Ford Model T as a cab, nor the costs of maintaining an old one.

A thing that is now unacceptable for the operation of an old D747 is that the FAA now applies the same ETOPS 98% disposition safety standards for multi-engine aircraft as for twin-jet aircraft. To be frank, an old Boeing 747 will not have this serviceability without a bucket of cash. Starting distance all @ or MAX gross weights (lbs) with specified motors: The -300 range was not widely used, but a High Gross Weights -200B range with this is also a good choice.

This -200 range's benefit is that you can run it cost-effectively with a lower gross mass on runs that could not be used by early B747 aircraft, provided the runs have the necessary rigidity. They should also examine the length of the take-off and landing strip and the carrying capability at likely destinations to make sure the old birds can manage the take-off and landing strip.

Aeroplanes using a take-off and landing strip must have a lower ACN value than the PCN value. I can think of some examples, such as the 5/23 at Pago Pago Pago in American Samoa, where the takeoff strip is very long (12,000ft/3,048m), which requires a B747 for takeoff, but its PCN45 value is too low for B747.

If Pago Pago is taken as an example, a B747 could use the low gross mass take-off and landing strip, but it would not be able to take off with enough petrol to arrive at the US continent with a sustainable cargo. The A340-600, on the other hand, could use the same take-off and landing runways and return non-stop to the US continent with a suitable cargo capacity.

Remember that all aircraft have peak load capacities and peak propellant capacities (with less payload), and every aircraft you fly is a compromise between peak propellant and peak load. A higher amount of transport fuels means a lower load capacity. Either decrease the runway length or the PCN rigidity and further decrease the selection between propellant and load capacity.

Just as important is the choice of the right plane for a itinerary.

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