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For this page there is no information available, you will learn why 2640 Golden Gate Parkway Suite 118. United States 34105. Latest Citation XLS in our charter fleet! Jet 1 has been a recognized leader in aircraft sales, charter and management since 1983.

Complaint against Jet 1 claims scam

Deluxe Palm Beach nightclub sues ailing Jet 1 Charter Inc. on the charge that the Neapolitan charter carrier had deceitfully rented it an aircraft that was lying on the ground due to repeated difficulties. However, Jet 1 proprietor Scott Phillips denounced the affair as a contract litigation and said he earthed the aircraft because Legacy Clubs had failed to settle his accounts.

Said the Legacy Club founder, who had both past litigation issues, had invented the statements in order to prevent the payment of lease fees. He' s bankrupt and can' t afford his bills," said Philips about Thanos Papalexis. Judicial files substantiate Phillips' claim. One of the airlines that won more than $2 million in Papalexis verdicts was not the airline that got payed for it.

The Grand Legacy Asset Management LLC and Siseman Development LLC have brought their lawsuits against Jet 1 Charter Inc. and 650-0002 Inc. Cesna Citation III, a company called after the Cesna Citation III aircraft series number that it rented and was to buy for $3.34 million. A complaint brought before the Collier Circuit Court on March 30 claims allegations of deceptive false representation in the rental and sales of the aircraft and claims monetary compensations, which include the refund of the $100,000 bond, indemnification for the costs of travel to and from New York, and indemnification for lost opportunity, common delay due to the aircraft's bad health, and general costs due to delay.

West Palm Beach attorney Cristopher Rapp, representing Grand Legacy Asset Management and Sisemen Development, said his company's policies are not to speak out on unresolved lawsuits. Recordings show that the eight-passenger aircraft built in 1983 is now for sale. The aircraft is also promoted on the Jet 1 website and invites all interested parties to make an enquiry.

Delivered with FAA Part 135 multi-pilot charter company and certificate. It is a privately owned residential society that charges its members a $200,000 and nearly $1,000 a month charge to use one villa there and another on Legacy Cay, a privately owned Bahamas islet. The website states that being a member gives the owner the chance to lead a great lifestyle commemorating the gold opulent years.

A March 2006 Supreme Court decision cleared an arrangement that bankrupted Jet 1 Center under Section 7, causing a fiduciary to wind up its asset. As part of the deal, the Naples Airport Authority was also required to take over the Jet 1 Center on the Naples Municipal Airport site, so that Phillips relocated its operation close by and established Jet 1 Charters.

During the first weeks of January, Grand Legacy began talks with Philips and his agents Christopher Docher through Michael Keister on the lease and possible purchase of the aircraft. Grand Legacy wanted an aircraft for commercial and travelling purposes to supply officer and customers with luxury transport. You needed a dependable aircraft because you were planning to use it often and at shorter intervals.

But he proposed Phillips' quote III. Philips said that it had just gone through a large mechanic and cosmetical restoration and its motor had been renovated, and said that the aircraft and its interior were in good state. But he said he and an inspector had checked the aircraft and the logs and they were in excellent state.

On the basis of these presentations, Grand Legacy entered into a rental agreement dated 20 January with a callable option. The Grand Legacy bail was $100,000 and $42,500 in basic rents for February and another $17,500 for this month's executive and staff expenses. Their first Bahamas voyage was scheduled on February 8, but Phillips said the aircraft could not take off on schedule due to last-minute repair that he would not reveal.

And then they found out that the inside of the airplane was in bad shape. Philips named them small issues and said they would be resolved immediately. However, there were other reasons that forced Grand Legacy to buy several last Minute airline passes twice. The 7th of February Siseman payed 15.505 dollars for the use of airplanes. On the next morning they were supposed to go to several investors' talks in New Jersey, but the trip had been postponed for a few long miles because the airplane was lying on the ground for non-specified repair? and the investors' schedule was halved.

Phillips' co-pilot George Thomsen said on March 4 to Grand Legacy officers that the airplane was not in the announced state, that it had more troubles than Grand Legacy knew, and that Phillips and Jet 1 did not repair it well. Said Phillip found fast, transient solutions. Too belated to organize a range of travel this week-end, the travel was postponed after the flight ban.

Speaking on 6 March, Grand Legacy Phillips' advisor told Philips that they didn't think it was secure or in the state it was supposed to be, so they didn't want to buy or pilot it. Grand Legacy requested the refund of his $100,000 Deposit, but Jet 1 declined. Philips said he should be payed on March 1, but did not receive any payments and was due $70,000.

By the time I get my pay, the plane won't be moving. When he didn't get payed, he debited the club's plastic. Philips said this weekend that the American Express scam division found that the charges were not fraudulent and sent them to their forces to solve them. Philips foretold the suit would fall.

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