Private Aircraft Hire

Rental of private aircraft

Largest selection of private jets, smart deals and quality operators. When your aircraft is not working at full capacity, it may make sense to rent it out to other trustworthy pilots for your own flight. Reduction of the risk of charter and private air travel

Travelling with private or chartered aircraft carries a greater degree of risks than travelling with business airlines. After all, commercially operating airlines are subject to more stringent supervision by regional regulators such as the CASA, FAA, EASA and various other civilian air safety agencies worldwide than private and charter airlines.

In comparison to charters and private aircraft operations, business operations are obligatory: As a rule, merchant aircrews have more flying practice than charters and private aircraft aircrews. In addition, merchant crew have more experiences in the field of simulators. Polls by organisations such as the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) and the Air Accidents Investigations Branch or AAIB show that air transport users in private and chartered aircraft are much more likely to have an accident than air transport users in business air carriers.

What can be done to reduce the risk of charters and private air travel? Over half of deadly aircraft crashes are due to piloting errors or inadequate qualifications. Bad servicing practice, involving the use of non-approved parts and non-qualified servicing personnel, is another cause of deaths. Given that regulative supervision of private and charters is restricted in comparison to private operators, it is important to obtain in-depth information on the pilot's degree of expertise and to make sure that the operators have a sound programme of education and stringent control standards.

Impartial auditing by a recognised and recognised aeronautical auditing firm can reduce the risk associated with lack of experience and bad working practice. Thus, for example, it can be determined whether a charterer or a private operators can offer the special capabilities needed for duties such as: No matter what the job, an auditor by a qualified flight security advisor can increase the security of your operations.

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