Discount Cab near me

taxi discount near me

Using "Discount", I dropped off a friend at a shuttle stop and then took myself to the airport. Cab 2880 N Discount Flowing Wells Rd, Tucson, AZ 85705 Terrible, I got an SMS with the news that my trip was reserved, half an hours later, still awaiting, a call was made, it was said that they would immediately bring someone to me, eventually he showed up after another half hours! The driver was cleanly trimmed and very friendly, but was still defeated when I gave him a little bit of guidance!

Calling when they were 5 min too late and told me no one was on their way! Twenty moments later, I got a call that they were on their way to see me. Already I had phoned a serious taxi service, but forgot my 10 min ride to Phoenix and forgot my plane to the east coast....

Your practice is also 10 mins from my home. It' s unimaginable that a business can be so badly managed that it sends a letter of acknowledgement and forgets you. When you accidentally meet a rider on the road or while he is parking, you are fortunate to be able to go with him.

When you get a chauffeur, get the chauffeur number and call the chauffeurs directly, they are more keen to help you. Your dispatcher sucks and has no support skill. WARNING - where's the discount????????? Using "Discount", I dropped off a boyfriend at a bus stop and then took myself to the plane.

Drivers tried to take the longest and most costly way from my home to the bus stop of the shuttles. Arriving at the airfield, I gave him my plastic key, he ran it, and the display showed a deterioration. On both occasions it showed up on the computer as rejected, so I had to pay for it in hard-copy.

Into the airfield I phoned my approval cardboard institution, they same location was relative quantity injustice with the fee that it was the cab they refused. Unfortunately for me, the debit on my plastic came up. Discount Cab cares if their staff cheat on clients? Call Discount, so they can undo the debit on the plastic.......

When you have to use the taxi "Discount", you must make a payment in advance. Mir was said that I had phoned and cancelled (which I didn't have), I was said that the taxi was 5 min away, so on, for no less than 3h. Next and next I used her bad alibi for the favor, I used her online bookings.

The taxi has been reserved for pick-up at 14:30 at 12am. It seems interesting to me that while I was standing in front of my house for 45 min, I would have completely missing a light gray taxi and apparently my imitator. So with so many other taxi options to chose from, this is the last chance I'll call Discount Cab.

So I didn't leave her a tip when I was paying with my plastic cards. I got out of the truck and began to go to my goal (I say on foot because she made me fall 200 meters from the place where I said she should take me).

It comes to me about 150 Yards later and says that my credit was rejected and I now have to make her payment. I wouldn't return it if I had a receipt. OLMFG, she summoned the bulls on me and had me put under arrest to make up this giant tale about how I ran away from her, even though the bulls were arresting me at my initial destination!...

And they said it would be between 5-20 minutes. It was a neat drive, the rider was very friendly and supportive (I am disabled), and costed me about $2/block and $2 for the pick-up. from Tucson Airport to Green Valley. Servicing was good, but the prices were high.

One was Jerry's and the other was GV transport through Susan. GV-Transport is the best price...about 20% less than the others and good quality transport as well.

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