Limo Taxi Cab

Limousine Taxi Cabin

Le meilleur service de Limousin du comté de Chester. i Limo Cab - Flatrate Service Limousine cab is longer, broader and higher than Mercedes E-Class driver's cab on the street. It' s 3.3-litre VI6 is also one of the biggest among the cabins here, making it a powerfull yet comfortable trip for transporting a larger number of people. The saloon's rugged chassis is designed to take impact shocks in an intelligent way.

The Limo Cab can be used for commercial occasions and occasions where its size is appropriate for the event. Learn more about the Limo Cab and the entire performance spectrum! Adapt from the limousine cabin. A $10 wait fee per 15 minute bloc (if available).

Additional bus stop will be billed at $20 per stop. 2 stopovers, whereby the total transfers must be complete within sixty (60) minute. Transfers are billed as hourly waste collection services over sixty (60) minute periods, with a min. of two (2) hour waste collection for limousine cabs and a min. of three (3) hour waste collection for private limo.

When paying by bank transfer there is an extra 10% administration fee and 7% GST (Goods & Service Tax) add.

Taxicab, Limousine & Paratransit Association (US)

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