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Telephone number for taxis

Taxi's in Budapest are relatively cheap and a good means of transport to explore the city. Up-to-date information on tariffs, telephone numbers and advice. Get details about the door-to-door taxi service in San Francisco.


Taxi's in Budapest are relatively inexpensive and a convenient and fast way to explore the town. However, you should still check out our useful hints and find out what the taxi rates are so as not to get inflated. Taxi rates are not common in Budapest, and each taxi operator has its own rates, but usually the mean rates are as follows:

If you call a taxi, the cost per kilometer is between 5% and 10% lower, since the above prices are equivalent to taxi stops on the road or at a taxi stop.

Budapest has four areas. When you take a taxi from Budapest Airport to the centre of the town, the rate depends on the area in which your accomodation is situated, but the mean rate is between 4,500 and 6,500 Ft. Please bear in mind that you only have to settle the amount billed at the taxi rank at the airport, even if the meter shows more than the fixed amount.

Below are some useful hints that we suggest before taking a taxi in Budapest: Make sure it is an officially licensed taxi before getting into a taxi. Ensure that the meter is displayed and that the taxi operator turns it on as soon as you board to prevent fraud.

Taxi cabs are always cheap if you book them by telephone instead of calling them on the road. This is a listing of some of the most important telephone numbers of Budapest taxi companies: Raedio taxi: Budapest-Taxi: 2,000,000,000.

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