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Flights offered: USA to Europe from $410 roundtrip ticket Everybody: A flight to Europe just went off and it' gigantic. Americans, Air Canada, Air France, Delta, KLM and United all offer reduced return fare, according to Scott's Cheap Fellows who found the deals. Whereas one would normally have to branch off over $850+ to fly transatlantically, the tariffs are currently at an average of $400, and over 100 US towns participate.

Some of the choices are non-stop, like New York to Amsterdam, that's $412 roundtrip on United; other trips have one- to five-hour stays, like San Francisco to Barcelona ($410 roundtrip with Air Canada). In order to get the cheap tariffs, postpone them or loose them - the business is available since yesterday evening and will probably be gone by morning.

There are four major cites in Europe - Amsterdam, Barcelona, Paris and Zurich - that currently have low rates, so you choose. As the offer is available between October and May 2019, you'll miss the highseason summer (June to August), resulting in fewer visitors and better accommodation - what are you waitin' for? Barcelona has wineries and Gaudís, arts galleries and designer boutiques to discover in Amsterdam, bathing beaches in Zurich and walks to see the best of Paris.

There are a number of US towns contained in the deals, like New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago and Seattle, as well as several smaller towns like Boise, Myrtle Beach and Fargo - but this is hardly the complete one. Use Google Flights to see if a nearby town participates. Using the calendaring tools, you can find the best appointments (and prices) that are right for you.

Minimum rates are marked red. It is important to remember that not all departures correspond to Europe: for example, Seattle has low-cost connections to Amsterdam, but not to Barcelona. But in Google Favorites you can look for more than one location in one go, so you don't have to manually shuffle and sync to find the best one.

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