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London Private Taxi

The Kings Cars is a completely private and authentic mini-cabin service. Taxi Tours in London You will be taken in one of the world's most renowned London taxis, with a chauffeur who knows the town well. Not only am I a licenced Schwarztaxifahrer with over 24 years of driving history, but I have also completed extra education and am a certified London Guide and Guide.

I have the latest Mercedes Vito cab in my cab, fully air-conditioned, accessible for wheelchairs and able to carry six comfortably. Trips are per cabin, not per passenger. Please click here for more information on why a London Business Cab trip is a good option. See what other folks have said about my trips - Click here' I am ready to customize trips for you and your group and I am very adaptable about the places you want to see.

It'?s your trip after all! You can be picked up and returned to your London main hotel/accommodation or other London main office (included in the travel price). When you stop in London, you can take the fast rail to London and I look forward to meeting you from a railway terminal to launch your itinerary.

On request I will bring you back to your railway depot after the trip. If you travel by rail, this will save you a lot of money and save you a lot of work. See the Central London Postal Code Bookings page. Click on the box below for more information on my trips - all rates are for the trip (not per person) and I can accommodate up to 6 people.

There are 26 more taxis in London since Uber took off.

About said it has more than 15,000 riders in London, and its CEO Travis Kalanick has said he anticipates it will go up to 42,000 in 2016. Founded in London in 2012, Uber has since reached seven other British towns such as Manchester, Leeds and Newcastle. Über made itself felt in London last summers when a dark taxist strikes against Uber's UfL rule led to an increase of 850 new subscribers.

In the UK, too, the taxi tailing application, which is prohibited from being used in several towns around the globe, is being prosecuted on charges of abusing its driver by not ensuring that they receive a guaranteed salary or take reasonable holidays.

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