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It' one of the cheapest round-the-world tariffs ever seen. The booking of an RTW ticket is easier today than in the past. Determine whether the RTW ticket is suitable for you.

Discount First Class fares from Colombo, Sri Lanka?

It may be more convenient, for example, to travel from New York to Los Angeles to San Diego than to travel only from Los Angeles to San Diego. In this sense, carriers advertise different fares according to where you come from. As an example, an air carrier could require much less for flights from Cairo to London than for flights from London to Cairo (assuming that someone of London origin is more willing to accept a higher tariff than someone of Cairo origin).

Just did the maiden Qatar Airways A380 from Doha to London in first-class and I actually got it with an ex-Cairo rate. from Cairo to Doha to London will cost ~$1,800: In the meantime, the same plane from Doha to London cost ~$3,800, which is more than twice as much: After all, the cost of making a reservation from London to Doha to Cairo is ~6,100 dollars, which is more than three fold the cost of the same tickets in reversed order:

Egypt is Colombo, Sri Lanka, which has long been the best value for money terminal fares available. Years ago there was a top -notch tariff released by the Americans between Colombo and many points in the USA for just over 2,000 dollars per leg.

At the beginning of last year I used it when I was flying from Colombo to Singapore in Cathay Pacific B usineslass, from Singapore to Dubai in First Emirates class, from Dubai to London in First Emirates Class and from London to Seattle in First British Airways Class. Sadly this ticket price was drawn in March last year - it had been there for a long while and I had been writing about it for years, although at some point it just became too much known.

I have been asked many things about whether there is still a similar first-choice Colombo tariff. British Airways publishes this rate, which costs $3,500++ round trip (excluding tax, charges and surcharge). From Colombo, for example, you can travel to Abu Dhabi (either on Etihad or SriLankan), then Abu Dhabi to London on the Etihad A380 and then from London to Los Angeles on the British Airways A380.

There is a ~$4,700 round trip ticket price, i.e. ~$2,350 per way. This is the same as the tariff previously available, except that in this case a round trip is necessary. Similar fares are available for many other US destinations, many of which are slightly less expensive (although I favour British Airways' flights over LAX as they are powered by an A380).

$4,700 is still a bunch of cash, but let's look at the same route in the other way that originated in Los Angeles and ends in Colombo. This ticket costs ~23,000 dollars, which is almost fivefold. Luckily, most of the world's best product is available mile away, from ANA to Asiana, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Etihad and Lufthansa.

But if a flight is not available for realistic mileage ( as is currently the case with the A380s from Qatar and Etihad), these tariffs, which originate in "low-cost markets", may be a good way to try new flights and earn a few mileage. Did you ever book a cheap payed tariff from one of these stores?

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