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Booking your own jet

You will not keep the booking at the price you originally paid for a certain number of hours, like other companies. I' ve booked a trip from Perth, Australia to Auckland, Wellington. If you book with BYO Jet, ONLY book a seat. We are here to make your private flight easy, fast and comfortable.

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In search of a low rate as we are traveling back with the whole NPH Dutch to New Zealand with our whole families (if we can find the best rate with the best connections!) But we should have been reading this board before we made our reservation..... You will receive an e-mail from Balojet confirming the tickets and there will be a problem with the reservation or your payments (seems to be the default problem in other reviews).

You will say that during the solution of the problem the ticket will not be validated, or that it has already risen, and then force you to change to a higher one. You will not keep the reservation at the original rate you pay for a certain number of lessons, like other businesses.

They also have some of the most rude support personnel of all time. I was forwarded between the stores and the employees like the Büro-Morgentee! Indeed, it is possible that they have foreign store numbers, but these are all forwarded to the same bureau, somewhere in the worid where support is not appreciated.

Establishing an accounting problem and then calculating a higher rate for FYOjet appears to be a standardised method of recovering profit from its favourable base conditions. I' m saying pay your dough to a firm that earns and values your work!

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Virgins then wanted an ancillary £90 for 2 pouches per way, so an ancillary £180. The attempt to reverse a plane has cost me five whole day so far. Tried to catch my London to Bangkok plane, EVA Airlines Bus Division. I' ve phoned the British call centre more than 4-5 calls, but nobody has picked up the handset.

Just picking up the telephone once. but no one's picking up my number. Well, you still can't get my old route for the plane, because I book it via skyscanner. DON'T WAY YOUR JET WASTES YOUR PRECIOUS JET FUNDS.

I' ve made a reservation to travel from Perth, Australia to Auckland, Wellington. If you book with BYO Jet, ONLY book a place. Carrier didn't bill anything. It takes you 20 seconds to respond to the telephone and you do not respond to e-mails. You didn't cancele my plane until two and a half business days after my call.

Guaranteed refunds (minus airlines fee AND their fee!) within 2-3 working day, but... no refunds! If I hadn' t posted on this website, I should have been reading other website ratings. Your apology is that my payment has not gone through even though the reservation has been made. You said if the altitude changes, I'll have to spend more.

In fact, if they reimburse, it will take another fortnight and I can't book another one. Don't book through this website. I once in my lifetime book the familiy a journey through the years to Vietnam, next year and a misspelling was made in the writing of one of the titles (for some cause an email was missed).

Then I called the carrier and they said there would be no charge from their end but just go back to BAPJET and they should make a new one. BOYOJET have returned with a £120 charge. I asked Boujet to call to talk, but still nothing. When my boy book a plane ride from them and after I read review I was concerned.

When I called Air New Zealand to include additional luggage I was booking to go to New Zealand and learned that there had been a plan shift on one of our departures. That was 3 week before the flight and we had had no BYOJET contacts that one of our flight had been cancelled.

Eventually, an agency said that we could validate new departures that would allow us to book an additional pocket. After confirming the flight, she sent me an email to tell me that in fact no additional luggage could be added after she had given me the false information, but now said that I had to stay on these new trips as they were verified.

Initially I had Air New Zealand and they changed it to Singapore Airlines. They said they could not do this without charging over 1,000 more, and I asked them to switch back to Air New Zealand again. A few days aweek I talked on the telephone with Air New Zealand, who were much kinder, but whose fingers are bound than when you book with an agency like BOYJET, it is this firm that has to modify the flight.

Altogether, due to errors in the information they gave me, I am now book on flight that are not appropriate and cannot do anything about it. As many other reviewers have said, just get the additional cash and go with the carrier directly, it's really not going to be worth the trouble this firm puts you through if something goes awry.

Booking in the USA . Appointments were rescheduled, but it wasn't BYOjet's fault. What happened? The last thing I got was a call that the connection in the USA was switched by the carrier to a much later one. They asked me to telephone to agree to the amendment, which I did.

Shoulda asked her to call me back. Checking the airline's website, I noticed that there were 2 previous planes that immediately called call station boyojet to ask to be put on the previous one. You said because I had agreed to the amendment, they couldn't amend it even though there were places on the previous trips.

Asked if I could afford to alter the planes they wanted over 200 per capita. Don't approve the changes until you have visited the airline's website. As soon as we arrived in Atlanta, we asked to modify the connection that was permitted for $75 per passenger.

and we were on a plane an hour later.

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