Maxi Taxi number of Passengers

Maximum taxi Number of passengers

Limitation of the number of maxitaxes to be granted to the applicant. No changes have been made to the rates for unbooked services (e.g. if you call a taxi from the street or from a taxi stand).

New Melbourne Maxi Taxi - Melbourne Maxi Taxis & Melbourne Cabs

Melbourne's taxi services are a comfortable way to get from the airport/home/market to your final destinations. A taxi can be taken from selected taxi stands unless you have prebooked one. Taxi cabs are one of a kind and have different colour patterns. You can also find different kinds of taxis: normal, executives, budgetary and charter.

The MAXI MELBOURNE offers you the transport from house to house in the town. The taxi rates depend on the distances, places and times of the journey. Always ask for a voucher in the unlikely event that you should drop something in the taxi. This way it is possible to track the taxi you were travelling with.

Call 0452262999 for fast and easy access! Taxi services are available 24 h a day all year round. MAXI AXIS MELBOURNE offers travellers the liberty of walking all the way through the town and its surrounding areas without having to travel by car.

Well-educated taxi riders are available to take you to any goal, plus at certain hours they are advised to get there. After all, the MAXI TAXI MELBOURNE are always in good state. As all taxi driver take special attention to the passengers with extraordinary services, there is no question that the passengers are always assured of a trouble-free and relaxing journey to the desired destinations.

Melbourne Maxi Taxi...? The Melbourne Maxi Taxi employees welcome passengers at any airport, seaport or railway station anywhere in Australia. Melbourne Maxi Taxi provides well protected and safe taxi service for our passengers. The Melbourne Maxi Taxi employees have no problems transporting passengers' baggage, which means a trouble-free transport service and you don't have to bother about your baggage.

Mellbourne Maxi taxi driver open and close auto door for passengers. The Melbourne Maxi Taxi allows perfectly maintained vehicles at all time. Melbourne Maxi Taxi driver have extensive experience of the Australian territory. The Melbourne Maxi Taxi is waiting for the passengers and stays there for up to one hours so that arriving passengers can pass through custom.

The Melbourne Maxi' taxi cab rider can provide you with a brief stop (approx. 5 minutes) for a smoke during your trip. After booking, Melbourne Maxi Taxi will arrive at the pick-up point 5 minutes before the requested pick-up times.

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