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Upturn in BBJ orders boosts Boeing's performance The Boeing Business Jet management team arrives with a vernal at EBACE 2018, supported by an increase in orders recently placed for a new flight. In addition, the first BBJ MAX is now cruising - in contrast to its rival Airbus ACJ320neo - but only as a "green" cell, which currently gets its additional petrol tank before it is equipped with an inside space.

Featuring enhanced engine performance and enhanced air dynamics in the new 737 MAX, the BBJ MAX offers 14 per cent more efficient fueling, 787-style air display for its crews and several sophisticated new features. According to present schedules, three MAX BBJ aircraft will be available after the launch of the equal length aircraft:

The first BBJ MAX 8 was delivered by Boeing in April. Following the addition of additional tank capacity to allow the new owners to maintain a default flying altitude of 6,640 nm (12,297 km), the cabin will be finished and the US aircraft cell lacquered by Comlux, Indianapolis.

Comlux, a Swiss aircraft manufacturer, operator and charterer of executive jets and aircraft, signed last year the first BBJ MAX 8 for an unknown client. Once the additional fuel tank is received, the aircraft will reach Indianapolis in the 4th trimester of 2018 and go into operation in the autumn of 2019.

"The first MAX 8 digital signing will pave the way for the establishment of Comlux as a leading company in the value-added completion market," said Scott Meyer, CEO of Comlux Completion. It was Comlux's intention to purchase three Airbus ACJ320neo and two Boeing BBJ MAX aircraft for the 2018-19 "green" shipment two to three years before the manufacturer's next available time.

It is his intention to lock them up in Indianapolis, selling them to those who don't want to sit around and watch their turn, and - the dot on the i - serving them for the client. Richard Gaona, the Comlux Group president, says gambling is rewarding - good-looking.

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