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Premium travel rules for Alaska Airlines Last week Chauncey sent me a mail with a query about the Alaska Airlines route policy. Luckily, it is known that Alaska has flexibility policies for reserving reward trips. You also have a cheap reward graph (although they're not always the cheapest), and they make it relatively cheap to buy more mileage ( at least if you buy mileage while you book another flight).

Although United Airways charges much more for rewards from its partners, it also applies these standards. Most importantly, you can only reserve one affiliate per reward fare. Alaska' s premium tables clearly show this: Even for trips to the same geographical area, there are different rates, according to whether you are flying American, Delta, Cathay Pacific etc.

Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air allow you to select as many Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air services as you like. You' ll find great price ranges for Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific from Los Angeles. Alaska Airlines will operate from Newark to Seattle (JFK's services begin later this year), and Alaska Airlines will operate from Seattle to LAX.

It is not possible to travel from JFK to LAX and then to Cathay Pacific with American Airlines' non-stop Transcon services. It would mean joining from one person to another. They will be calculated seperately for a home and an Hong Kong reward. One thing some folks don't know is that the relationship is with the fidelity scheme itself, not with the carrier.

The Flying Blues fidelity programme is shared between Air France and KLM, so you may be able to purchase an awards ticketing scheme that contains airline tickets from Alaska Airline, Air France and KLM. After all, nothing prevents you from reserving two one-way rewards with different carriers. British Airways can be booked on the outward flight to Europe and Air France/KLM on the round trip.

With Alaska Airlines, one way reward flights are allowed, and in almost all cases the fare is only half as many mile as a return one. However, there are some exemptions where you have to charge more for one-way trips: Paid the return fare for each reward on Delta Air Lines (even though Delta now provides one-way rewards at half fare to its own SkyMiles members).

However, if you wish to go with several partners, you should usually reserve split round-trip fares. It is also a good policy if you can only find one single room in one way at the moment and hope that more room will appear later. Yes, Alaska Airlines allows intermediate stops on reward ticket, and it's amazingly spacious.

In the past, American Airlines took intermediate stops with them, but they had to at least take routes internationally. With United, stops will continue to be permitted, but only on return journeys. However, Alaska allows one stop for one-way journeys and two stops for return journeys. You can also fly a return flight with a dual open baking (imagine you fly from the USA to Europe and then return from another town in Europe to another town in the USA).

Intermediate stop regulations also include flights on home flights as long as you only fly with Alaska Airlines. While Amol has given some good example of how to combine several one-way rewards with stops to efficiently generate round-trip travel with fewer mileage, it has also given some good example of how to use a combination of one-way rewards and stops to efficiently generate round-trip travel with fewer mileage. In general, Alaska does not include additional fuels in its reward ticket, so you don't have to be concerned.

However, you still have to foot these feared charges on British Airways - they seem to make a claim to be your affiliate no matter who you are flying. Neither are there any reservation charges, although bonuses cannot be put on ice. Locate the desired commendation and make a reservation.

MVP Gold or MVP Gold 75K members do not charge any fee for booking, changing or cancelling awards travelers. Note that any charges you incur are based on the élite level of the individual whose mileage was used to earn the reward, not the élite level of the individual's travel.

Generic members and those with MVP membership only will be charged up to three different fees: $15 reservation by phone - If you need to call to reserve your reward, you will be charged $15 per fare. Rewards that include Cathay Pacific, LAN and all stopover rewards cannot be purchased on-line.

$12. 50 Affiliate Awards Tickets Fees - Alaska averages $12. 50 per organism and means for Awards journey with affiliate carrier. If you are flying a round tour, you pay $25 per passenger. 125 Charge for Modification or Cancelation - Alaska will waive this charge if you modify or canceled your reward more than 60 business days prior to your flight's scheduled date of flight, which is better than most carriers.

Reimbursable premiums", which are only available for trips to Alaska, can also be terminated at any moment without penalties.

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