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Hawker 800 is a medium twin-engine business jet. This is a British Aerospace BAe 125 design and was mounted by Hawker Beechcraft. The British Aerospace Board approved the program to enhance the British Aerospace 125-700 serial in April 1981. In May 1983, the new airplane was prepared for its first test mission.

The British Aerospace also upgraded the wings by integrating new external parts. British Aerospace recorded the bicentennial sales of the 800 model in just over five years. Raytheon (which in 1980 purchased Beech Aircraft Corporation) purchased corporation jet aircraft in 1994. This new unit will be known as Raytheon Aircraft.

Raytheon sold its airframe production operations to Hawker Beechcraft Corp. in March 2007, a corporation created and jointly owned by GS Capital Partners and Onex Partners of Canada. Latest was the Hawker 850XP, which was approved for use in March 2006. 850XP is the same as 800XP except that it contains singlets that have increased its cruising distance by 100 sea mile ( 190 km ).

Hawker 850XP basically closes the void the Hawker 1000 created when Hawker 1000 stopped producing this one. Hawker 750, where the central petrol compartment is substituted by an external luggage box, slightly reducing the outreach. Following the collapse of Hawker Beechcraft in 2013, the survival of Beechcraft has suspended its line of commercial jets, complete with the 800 model line, although parts design is still backed.

Hawker 800 is similar to most advanced platforms because the subassemblies have to be designed away from the end point of production. Hawker Beechcraft's own production facilities and those of Airbus UK, which has taken over a large part of BAE Systems' production capacities for commercial aircrafts, produce and assemble the wing, tail and steering panels in the UK.

Some of these segments are equipped with inspection surfaces and key system before being delivered to Hawker Beechcraft's primary production facility in Wichita, Kansas for completion, equipment and inspection. Passengers, corporations and executives operate the airplane in conjunction with fractal owner programmes.

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