Shearwater Jet Plane

storm water jet aircraft

Nozzle aircraft and Oxbow - Texts - Shearwater of Agnes Denes, 1987/2009. Agnes Denes, with kind permission of Leslie Tonkonow Artworks + Projects, New York. Add Agnes: This work transforms philosphy into candlelight. So, the print from everyone, with a red brass lunar, and the tape goes on and on, the lights are so clear, yet you exclaim this name: Where are the Americans?

Only in the east. Only, only, only, only! Everybody calls alone this evening, just, just, just! At the centre of the suntan, at the call of the seagulls, but you are rolling the suntan away, at the centre of the suntan, in the stomach of the lights, in the trembling in the torso, there is someone in the room, I take everything back:

Do you know how sometimes, but in the same breeze, you are so weary of the land, put down the weapon, a lion in a ray of sunshine, who you are, for blurry leagues? never put down the weapon, behind a windows, and dream, put down a blood line, breaking like a ripple, resemble, among them, to fill the stillness, when you put down the weapon, are you all of a sudden blindness?

London' radios, Cyprus' radios, He was selling for a life-line, but the radios are going off, the radios are dying, the skies are an empty display, an open recipient; what can I tell you?

Sturmtaucher - jet aircraft and Oxbow

It' a great renunciation of any earlier Shearwater record -- incl. Animal Joy, which was much more straightforward than the trio from The Island Arc that went before it -- but for me it's the hallmark of a great band: they always move forward, forward. Constantly developing, but still maintaining a core of their inherent substance as a group.

That' totally what Shearwater did on Jet Plane and Oxbow. He was a shearwater, but he wasn't! Quiet Americans then came and I grooved in my spot which, as I said before, was a premiere for me when I heard a Shearwater record! and I was amazed.

Several of the tracks are clearly reminiscent of Bowie, "Pale Kings" is obviously U2 inspired, and I think I heard references to Okkervil River, but they all have pure gold Shearwater features in them - a signature accord shift, a beautiful keyboard line, a foresighted break, and the tunes. Certainly Jonathan Meiburg managed to write a protests record that is not "stupid or preachy".

Don't get me wrong; I' m in crazy loves with this LP, but I' m also in crazy loves with Palo Santo, Rook, The Golden Archipelago and Animal Joy. Shearwater' is my favourite group. All I wanted to say was that this disc is a whole new terrain for the whole group, but it's not an undesirable leaving.

Years of Shearwater fan and newcomer alike I think will be enjoying this record. In summary, it can be said that this is an outstanding record from a volume that merits desperate more credit than it has had. Hail to the Shearwater!

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