Learjet Company

Learjet company

Learjet Inc. is a pioneer in the aerospace industry and builds high-performance business jets - the limousines of the sky. Mr. Benn added that the company plans to produce about a dozen Lears per year.

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Learjet Inc. is a frontrunner in the aviation and space industries, building high-performance corporate jetliners - the limousines of the skies. At its Wichita, Kansas facility, the company has manufactured more than 2,000 airplanes since its first plane came off the production line in 1964. The latest Learjet types - lightweight corporate airliners such as the 40 and 45 versions of the 40 and 60 versions of the 45 and 85 - offer outstanding cruising speeds, maximum operational limitations, climb rate and maximum operational values as well as highly competitive running cost.

Learjet sometimes gains cooperation with the US Air Force in cooperation with privately owned companies. Since 1990, the company has been operating as a subsidary of the Canadian Bombardier. In 2013, under Bombardier's wings, Learjet introduced a model of its latest small executive model - the Learjet 85 - to the market. Designed for the medium and super-medium sized market.

Learjet 85 is also the company's first clean-sheet redesign in more than a decade. The Learjet 85 is also the first clean-sheet redesign in the company's history. However, in 2015, Bombardier reported the interruption of its Learjet 85 corporate jet programme. However, the break followed a downwards review of Bombardier's corporate jet forecasts, mainly due to the continuing fragility of the lighter class since the recession.

The company introduced staff cuts in connection with the break.

Bombardier's Bellemare says Learjet production will be continued.

Bombardier has made no decision when it comes to the manufacture of Learjets for corporate jets at the Wichita site, president and CEO Alain Bellemare said to analysis at the beginning of August... The company shipped only two Learjets in the second half of the year, compared to three a year ago. But Bellemare said: "We have been quite succesful in achieving a balance between offer and demand."

Mr. Benn added that the company is planning to manufacture about a tens of leaks per year. By 2017 it had shipped 14 of them - all Learjet models measuring just 75/75. Not making a choice or taking actions, he said that the company had effectively chosen to maintain manufacturing and use the Learjet installation basis.

This comment was made in response to an analyst's request as to whether Bombardier was planning to buy or divest the Learjet aircraft deal.

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