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To compare the results, click here. Best time to buy low fares: mysteries about deals and airline selling {\pos (192,210)}So the least the airline can do is make us go for low-cost, right? Technique is to learn how to find low fares. See Rick's weblog for more airline trip bulletins and glimpses. Airline companies do not always announce their promotions and sells.

You do the same thing with the airfare. Obtain a base line of fare cards with fares that include offers to your destinations and surroundings.

Stay up to date on the price of the flight and note tip no. 8. Rarely do retail selling rates appear before a four-month exit screen. Flight price selling usually starts with a Monday night announcement of new offers by a particular carrier. Until Tuesday noon the other carriers have reached these rates, which means that Tuesday afternoon is often the best day to buy.

That' s how it usually works, although the sale was advertised on other workdays. Best value fares are reserved for the least favourite flight dates, i.e. Tuesdays, wednesdays and saturdays. As a matter of fact, most airline flight agents will take you these few flights if you want to make the most of them. Although the mediocre may like to extend the holiday by going on Fridays and Sundays, the carriers know this and therefore calculate more for these dates.

If you are looking at possible departures on-line, use a website that displays your desired data on a monthly schedule page so you can clearly see how fares vary from person to person. Meals go hand in hand with the lowest possible flying costs, because then nobody wants to go flying. Buyers of bargains should make reservations for trips at daybreak or first night flying, midday break in the evening or overnight/red-eye trips.

In case the wheather could be a predicament (think of snowstorms), you should definitely take the first plane to prevent getting stuck. Check the rates at all nearest airport. In general, the major hubs have the lowest fares. Saving could be $50 to $150 per trip versus smaller local airport locations.

However, you should inspect your neighbouring aerodromes. From time to time, carriers will offer discounts on smaller city itineraries. When you are fortunate enough to be near two major Miami and Fort Lauderdale airfields, review the fares for both. As you can see, the lowest fare is to travel to an international destination two or three hour away; only you can determine whether it is rewarding.

Shortly before last year's holiday, airline companies came up with a new moneymaker: You added a supplement to the special day (s) on which most of us like to go, inclusive the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Airline companies have made cash and have added additional supplementary data during 2010. Travelling at the end of March and paying a ticket price, you are travelling only a few working days later, in the early part of the year, and your ticket has just risen by 200 dollars or more.

There are many websites, my own included, that allow you to subscribe to fare alerting. The reason for this is that the airline companies grant their lowest rebates on only a few places and you have a great deal of rivalry. I' m speaking of acting the go-getter and wait until the last minute to make a booking, in the hope of an enormous goodie.

It' s seldom, but it happens, as we saw just before Thanksgiving 2008, when the airline companies realized that their airplanes were not full. There was an alert and the price fell like rocks. One of the country's top airfare specialists, Rick Seaney gives interview and research for major media groups such as ABC Newspapers, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, The Associated Press and Bloomberg.

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