Typical Taxi fare per Mile

Taxi rate per mile

A typical New York cab ride is a stop-and-go experience. Multiply the cost of AA per mile by the average annual mileage. The most direct taxi route, miles, cost, minutes. Avarage taxi fares to popular places in Miami:.


It may be a good option in Brazil to take a taxi to get from one place to another quickly, but it can turn out to be an inexpensive transportation option. Here we take a look at different taxi tariffs in Brazil. Please be aware that all taxi rates apply from December 2014.

In comparison to other coutries Brasilian cabs are relatively inexpensive. Whereas a 10 km trip in New York will cost about 39 BRL and in Paris about 41 BRL, the most costly 10 km trip in Brazil, in the town of Cuiabá, will cost 33 BRL. In comparison to other development or neighboring states, however, Brazil's cabs can be regarded as costly.

One 10 km taxi trip will cost about BRL 10 in Beijing and about BRL 27.50 in Buenos Aires. The taxi tariffs in Brazil consist of two different tariffs: While the taxi is driving along its own itinerary, the value of the journey on the meter increases with time. It' important to know that there are two different taxi tariffs for each town, Bandeira 1 and Bandeira 2.

These are the various terms that govern when Bandeira 2 is billed to passengers: A supplementary fare for trips outside the city may be applied if the customer is travelling in one direction and does not make a commute. Towns where taxi operators operate this fare are described below: In most capitals, there are regular taxi rates for certificated taxi services that take travellers to any part of the city.

For example, from the Rio de Janeiro and Galeão - Tom Jobim airports to the Copacabana beaches, the price is BRL 63. Between São Paulo and Guarulhos airports and the centre of the town, the price varies between BRL 100 and BRL 110 according to the destinations. Departing from the Fortaleza Pinto Martins Multinational Airports, the flat rate varies between BRL 20 and BRL 40 according to your final destinations.

Eduardo Gomes, the price from Manaus is between BRL 38 and BRL 105, according to the destinations. However, since the municipal authority is responsible for determining taxi tariffs, there are significant differences between taxi tariffs in different towns. The following chart describes the various taxi tariffs for traditional cabs in the main capitals of Brazil:

São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro have different taxi classes with different fares. Since the rates for conventionally operated cabs are already mentioned above, this section applies only to non-conventional taxi fares in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. São Paulo has two other types of taxi besides the traditional one: the extraordinary and the luxurious.

Spezialtaxis are bigger, must have A/C, audio, wireless communications and a four-door vehicle. Furthermore, the riders are wearing uniform and participate in specific trainings to best meet the needs of the passengers. As well as the advantages provided by specialised cabs, Luxustaxis are not necessarily know and must have front and front seat passengers and passengers braking in accordance with ISO standards.

Hourly rates for the taxi waiting for a single traveller are BRL 41.25 for specialised cabs and 49.50 for luxurious cabs. BRL 5.13 for specialized and 6.15 for deluxe cabs. Kilometre prices are BRL 3.13 for Bandeira 1 and BRL 4.07 for Bandeira 2 for specialised taxi and BRL 3.75 for Bandeira 1 and BRL 4.88 for Bandeira 2 for luxurious taxi.

Even if the taxi was ordered by telephone, without a specific hours, there is an extra fare of BRL 5.13 for specialized taxi. A surcharge of BRL 10.25 will be levied for extra cabs if the taxi was ordered by telephone at an agreed time. São Paulo has a specific type of taxi that can only be ordered by telephone, Radio Taxi.

They have an extra fare, although many taxi operators now have an app that allows them to order a taxi without having to pay that fare: Rio de Janeiro offers specialized taxi fares that are on 80% more than those of traditional cabs.

Taxi specials in Rio de Janeiro cannot collect travelers during the trip as they are ordered by telephone. In Rio de Janeiro the cost of a taxi to meet a specific customer is 42,84 BRL.

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