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Rent a private jet flight to or from Coolangatta Gold Coast Airport in Australia. Makes sense Oprah Winfrey would own a private jet. With the private jet around the world.

Glossary of private jet cards

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) establishes Federal Aviation Standard requirements for private use charterable under Part 135. In addition, some jet ticket vendors use third parties' own third parties' auditing standard, such as ARG/US and Wyvern, to manage the procurement of airplanes for their jet ticket programmes.

Yearly CPI escalator - Some private jet ticket and pre-paid program agreements are priced on the basis of the consumer price index, i.e. prices are priced on the basis of the CPI. Annuity Charges - Some programmes in excess of per hour charges and other charges have annuity charges. Usable Aeroplane - Private jet map programmes usually either address certain jet models or classes, such as very light or compact jetliners, light or small cabin jetliners, super light jetliners, super midsize cabin jetliners, large cabin jetliners and large cabin heavy jetliners.

The ARG/US layer - ARG/US or ARGUS offers private jet operator auditing for over 500 private jet companies worldwide. The ARGUS Gold Rated Charter Operator, ARGUS Gold Rated Plus Charter Operator and ARGUS Platinum Rated Charter Operator. The ARG/US Gold Rated Charter Operator - Require a minimum one year operation certification, at least one turbojet in certification, a detailed historic security review, a pilots backgrounder and operation audit validation.

The ARG/US Gold Ratings Plus Charter Operator - Require all Gold Ratings plus an on-site inspection without the security of aircraft results. The ARG/US Platinum ranked charter operator - Require all Gold Plus evaluated charter levels plus on-site inspection with no results, plus working SMS and contingency plan.

The Black Out Days - Some programmes do not offer a special date schedule. Target Supplement - Some programmes have supplements for trips outside the USA. Hours/Deposit Expiration - Some programmes allow for the expiration of an hour or deposit after a certain period of time, usually 12 to 24 month. The FBO - Fixed Based Operators are private jet terminal operators and also offer refuelling and aircraft servicing.

Select FFBO - Some applications allow you to select a particular FFBO. FET - Some programmes calculate the FET in addition, i.e. extra cost over and above the per hour rates. Involvement of cabin crew - Some programmes allow cabin crew to fly certain type of aeroplanes, while others allow cabin crew as an optional extra for an extra cost.

In times of rising prices, many programmes retain the right to levy additional charges. Warranted Upgrade - Garanteed upgrade allows you to book a bigger plane than the one you purchased. Warranted downgrade - Warranted downgradings allow you to reduce from your programme jet to a smaller jet from your programme jet model or number.

For example, this can help you safe cash if you are travelling alone on a short trip and want a smaller aircraft to cut down on your rates. Per Time - The per time is the price per time that your application will charge. As a rule, lessons are divided into 10, 15 or 20-minute steps and completed.

Food and Beverage inclusive - Most programmes offer simple meals which may or may not contain soft drinks and refreshments. However, some programmes offer more extensive meals such as a sandwich and mini alcohol drinks, and all programmes allow you to order for an extra fee to suit your needs. Exchange Charges - Exchange charges are extra charges that apply when you increase or decrease the aircraft capacity or switch between two areas of services in a programme, e.g. North America and Europe.

Introductory Fees - Some programmes have a one-time introductory charge. If you are interested in longer journeys or your own preferences, ask for images of the toilets on the different planes that will be part of your programme. Third Party Liability and Risks Cover ( Policies ) - Programmes offer a different level of third party and risks cover.

Max Seats - If you choose a provider and a programme, you should consider the number of persons, as well as the kids, you will be travelling with, so that the bulk of your mission can be accomodated by the kind of aircraft used in the programme you are purchasing. Min. flying duration - Various programmes have min. durations, so a 40-minute journey may be calculated as one hours programme if this is the min.

Also, some applications calculate a monthly minimal. As a rule, the duration is between one and two hrs, depending on the aircraft used. Multi Simultaneous Aircraft Access - This allows you to use two or more aircraft from a common programme at the same times. Disposable surcharge - Charter prices for one-way trips are usually more costly than sightseeing trips, as the aircraft flies back and forth as an empty route, where the carrier generates cost but no income, so you have to make payment.

A lot of jet cards and pay as you go programmes have no one-way charges, which gives you additional versatility. Own / Managed Fleet - Some jet ticket and calling plan operators either own or directly run the aircraft they use to complete their programme. Piloting Skills - Jet chart organizations have different piloting skills levels and minimum requirements, so you should check their different policies and requirements.

SummitTravelSurcharge - Most programmes have supplements for top tours. Both the number of top working hours and the supplement depend on the programme. When you buy a jet pass in expectation of flight during bustling vacation seasons, you should consider any top trip supplements or budget blackouts. Animal Policy - Most programmes allow you to take in certain kinds of pet.

There are some programmes with compulsory or discrete charges for purification. Programme hour names - Jet ticket programmes are usually given in lessons, e.g. 25, 50 or 100 lessons or dollar. If you buy more lessons, your rates will be lower. Dollar Program Denominations - Jet ticket software is usually offered in dollar, for example, $100,000, $250,000, or $500,000 or hour.

If you buy a higher value software in dollars, your rates will be lower. Reimbursement Policy - Some programmes reimburse idle money while others do not and others allow you to transfer it to a new programme. When you are not sure whether you will use all your lessons or monies, you should follow the Reimbursement Policy.

Replenishment Policies - The refill policies refer to the fact that you can make additions of cash or time to an already running programme that you bought on the initial conditions. Advance Booking Time - Various programmes can take up to 24hrs to book your flights. Round trip rebate - These rebates are more common in the charters industry and Jet Car programmes usually provide round trip prices.

Return Qualification - What is eligible for a return private airline journey may vary, but usually it is a time when your journey is brief enough for the aircraft that is flying you to be able to await you and return your back, avoiding empty trips (non-revenue). Services Area - Some programmes allow you to go worldwide while others allow you to operate in a restricted area, usually North America and parts of the Caribbean, Mexico or possibly Hawaii.

For example, if you are planning to use your Jetcard for flights to Mexico or the Caribbean, make sure that the location where you are traveling is in the services area of the programme you are purchasing. Outside the field, different programmes have different obligations for mechanic delay, pilot who do not have to fly anymore, etc.

Taxicab Times Invoicing - You are usually billed for your taxis per day, usually 12 min per day, which means if your per hours fee is $8,000 per day, your bank will charge you $960 per day for your taxis per day. Unescorted Minors Travel Policy - The age limit for private shipping of an unescorted minors in your programme ranges from at least 5 to 18 years, although some programmes have no minimum requirements.

Wingman - Wyvern Wingman is a third-party assessment system for private aviation companies that measures compliance with ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) International Civil Aviation Organization standard for security managment system, contingency plan and in-house assessments.

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