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Specialists & brokers see Jet Airways Ltd. buy sales tips. Although I cannot tell you when it is a good time to buy Jet Airways stock, the following story will be a good starting point for you to make a decision for yourself.


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Once your reservation has been successfully completed, you will be given an email ID and cell phone number containing an email coupon number, which will be stored in your JetPrivilege member area. Unless you are a JetPrivilege member, the coupon will be sent to the email address and cell phone number listed in the Contact Details section of the Air Travel Reservation Procedure.

In order to receive your JetPrivilege e-voucher, please go to and login to your JetPrivilege member area. Unless you are a JetPrivilege member, you must register before using the gift certificate. In order to use the JP Miles, please type the e-voucher number in the "Voucher Number" box under the "Claim Voucher" section of My JP Wallet.

As soon as the purchase of your purchase of JP Miles has been paid for, you can no longer change or reverse it. However, as the extra miles acquired through this institution are not associated with the flights despite changes / cancellations of the flights, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, the amount paid for the extra miles will not be reimbursed.

Other JetPrivilege program rules apply.

Get Jet Airways, destination R655, Dr. CK NARAYAN.

CK Narayan of Chart Advise has a purchase conversation at Jet Airways (India) Ltd. with a stock exchange rate targeting 655 US dollars. Jet Airways (India) Ltd.'s actual trading prices are currently listed at 641.95 Risks The analysts have quoted Intra Day as the date on which Jet Airways (India) Ltd.'s prices can achieve the specified goal.

Founded in 1992, Jet Airways is a medium-sized transportation technology firm with a combined capitalization of 7292.38krore. The Jet Airways service business accounted for 18230.44 rubles of the value of contracts sold (84.58% of overall sales). Rupees 1719.25 accounted for other operational revenues and Rupees 1350.49 for freight (6.26% of revenues).

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