Jet Airways Reprint Ticket

Reprint Jet Airways Ticket

Yes, you can download an e-ticket for your Jet Airways flight by entering your details using the link below. How to find us Posting management - what is it? What are the advantages of using managed booking? And who can use booking management? How can I get through the booking administration?

What is the best way to get hold of Manager Booking? Is it possible to use several debit/credit card for posting management? What postings can I use to call up the function for managing postings?

How do I know that the changes are saved in my reservation when I upgrade my reservation using the Manage Reservation feature? Is it possible to modify my departure and arrival points using the Manage Bookings function? Is it possible to reverse the route and receive a reimbursement? Can I reprint my e-ticket route?

I would like to know how I can modify my JetPrivilege number, my meals plan, or other changes to my trip history. Exactly how many nights before my trip can I use Manage Booking? When can I make use of Manage Booking? May I use Manage Booking if I have reserved by telephone at the Call Center but payed on-line (OPS)?

Is it possible to cancele the ticket and use the same ticket for my next use? When I want to reserve my meal tickets on-line, how much prior notification do I need? Is it possible to get an e-mail confirming the update I am doing via Manage Booking? What reservations can I use to cancel/refund the management of reservations?

Once I have booked with a tour operator, can I use Manage Bookings? Is it possible to cancel/refund my whole Manage Bookings? What is the deadline for canceling/refunding my reservation on-line? Can I change my name on-line if I cannot go and want to move the ticket to another people?

Is it possible to undo the segment and open the ticket with date? Does it allow multi-city booking for changes on managed booking?

Call up bookings

The booking management function is available for eTickets: Please enquire about the airline's booking reference (PNR) on your e-ticket or at your local agency if you purchased your ticket through a tour operator. Ticket on-line ticketing is not available for special reservations and for changes from a higher to a lower rate.

While we are processing your inquiry, please hold off. While we are processing your inquiry, please hold on.....

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