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If possible, it is advisable to go to a taxi stand or call him by telephone. Via Radiotaxi you can book a taxi for airports, train stations and hospitals. Calling via Radiotaxi will incur additional charges as explained below. In order to call her on your own phone, all you have to do is dial: At any time if you think you are being cheated, don't let the taxi driver intimidate you and call the Carabinieri.

Use taxis in Rome - Rome travel guide for cruise passengers

You' ll get a text message confirming your booking and a few seconds later another text message showing that a taxi is on its way, go to a bar/coffee shop, order a beverage and have the staff call a taxi for you. "My name is Mi siama un taxi parfavore? "Can you call me a cab, please?

Spoken: my pendant for a taxi pear-favor-e. If the taxi comes to you, you will see that the counter is already on. Taxi turns on the counter as soon as it is shipped. There is a guaranteed fee for calling within the Roman Ring: 2,00 euros within 5 min after call; 4,00 euros within 10 min; 6,00 euros more than 10 min.

Starting flat rate on working days (from 6.00 to 22.00): 3,00; starting flat rate on weekend (from 6.00 to 22.00): 4,50; starting flat rate at night-time ( from 22.00 to 6.00): 6,50; time units for velocities below 20 km/h: 27,00 ?/h; T1: for velocities > 20 km/h:

T3 taximeter unit: from TP2 to the end of the trip; 10% off on the amount indicated by the meter: - for trips to Rome's municipal clinics; - for single travellers between 10 years of age. on Friday and Saturday, for young folks who leave club, who have an arrangement about taxi-driver.

  • as of the fifth person (vehicles with more than 4 persons): 1,00; - wireless taxi fee: 3,50; for journeys starting within the GRA and leading directly to and from the destination indicated by the GRA, a ceiling of 70,00 euros is fixed.

At the end of the journey, the charge is displayed on the counter. Surcharges ( excess luggage or passenger, wireless taxi call, etc.) may be added to the amount shown on the counter at the end of the journey. AIRPORT FEE (PER TRIP AND NOT PER PERSON). - within the Aurelian Walls: 48,00; - from Fiumicino Airport to the Castello Magliana - Parco dei Medici and the other way round: 30,00; - from Fiumicino Airport to the New Rome Trade Fair Centre and the other way round: 25,00; - from Fiumicino Airport to Ciampino Airport and the other way round:

from Fiumicino airport to the train station of Tiburtina and back: 55,00; - from Fiumicino airport to the train station of Ustiense and back: 45,00; - from Fiumicino airport to the harbour of Civitavecchia and back: 120,00; Largo Torre Argentina (between Pantheon and Trastevere), Piazza Fiume (Villa Borghese), Piazza Venezia, Piazza G.

The Belli (Trastevere), Piazzale Ostiense, Piazza S.Silvestro (Trevi-Brunnen), Piazza dei Cinquecento (Endstation), Piazzale dellla Stazione Tiburtina, Metro A Anagnina, Piazzale dellta Stazione del Lido (Ostia), Piazza Risorgimento (Vatikan). You can find these and other places on our map of Rome. If you have a complaint or controversy, call the traffic police at 0667104282 or email tutela.consumatori@comune.roma. and register on the website

Taxi riders may not deny the services; they may not choose a passenger; they may not transport more than the number of persons indicated in the vehicle's driver's log; they must calculate the amount indicated by the meter, except for journeys for which a flat rate applies; they must require the passenger to wear their safety belt if they have not done so.

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