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The Spectrum Business Center - Apartments in Chino, CA The Spectrum Business Center is situated in the fast-growing city of Chino, CA, and is central to the west of the country. The industrial estate is situated in an industrial and housing area. The business sector has a well-rounded business structure, universities are near by, both local and regional, and a municipal policing station is in the immediate vicinity.

The Spectrum Business Center offers fibre optic for the use of telephone and intranet. The Spectrum Business Center also has enough car park space to house your customers. You can see that we are in a sought-after place with close proximity to good food, banking and leisure facilities. It attracts both new and existing companies because of its low prices and the diversity of business areas to select from.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and find out what Spectrum Business Center can do for you.

Time Warner Cable gets new name and logo

Charter Communications will be sold under the Spectrum name. The Time Warner is one of the best-known wire, wireless and telephone operators in the U.S., although it lags behind Comcast in terms of the number of customers. It has been ranked by some sector polls as one of the poorest in terms of client contentment.

A further part of why it is known by design professionals is the icon logo created by Steff Geissbhuler in 1990 and redesigned by The Brand Union in 2010, but this logo will be gone in the next few month. The Time Warner Cable will take over the Spectrum name and logo - already in use on the Charter business - which, as you can see, is a comedy.

It' not a laugh like in I' m trying to deceive you, a laugh like in this thing is a horrible pretext for a logo that is about to become the second largest wire company in the U.S. This is the worse case of the paralyzing tendency to round off edges of characters and cut off bits just because Illustrator makes it so simple.

Hopefully Charter will recognise the restrictions of their logo and use the fusion as an occasion to create something better or at least something not awkward.

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