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LOUIS, June 13, 2012 /PRNewswire/ - Charter Communications, Inc. NASDAQ (NASDAQ: CHTR) and its clients celebrate the fifth year of the Live It with Charter loyalty programme. In the last five years, the very rewarding reward programme has increased to more than 900,000 members and has become the best in form among its colleagues.

Live It was first conducted in 2007 to recognize loyalty and improve the long-term client experiences. In 2008, the success of the piloting project resulted in a Germany-wide start to the programme for all charter clients. In the last five years, more than half a million clients have exchanged points for invaluable programme awards.

"We are focused on improving the consumer experiences across all our businesses," said John Birrer, senior vice president, Consumer Experiences. "Live It was one of our first endeavors in this area. Our aim is to show that we are ready to make investments in our clients to make their experiences with us great.

Our most recent example of this is our Charter All In Customer Guarantee, which shows our clients that we supply what we say, with fixed monetary commitments." Charter's research shows that members of the Live It reward programme are more happy than clients who do not attend.

"Mr Birrer added that I believe that the higher level of happiness is not only due to the prices and reward. "Greater customer happiness comes from the development of a stronger customer connection and the fact that we are more than a wire or ISP, but a solution provider." For every dollars they spent on their charter service, Live It members earned points that can be redeemed for electronic items, TV networking brands, gifts, VIP event passports and travel.

In the last five years Charter has given out over $8 million in reward, prize money, instant gifts and unique events. More information about Charter's product and service offerings and its dedication to delivering a great client service can be found at, and Chartered ( "NASDAQ": CHTR) is a premier broad-band communication enterprise and the number four in the United States for wire and wireless operators.

Charters offers a wide variety of progressive broad-band service offerings, which include progressive Charter TVĀ  Video Entertainments, Charter Web Accessibility and Charter Phone. charter buisinessĀ® offers companies scaleable, tailor-made and cost-effective broad-band communication solution such as business-to-business web connectivity, information networks, telephony, audio and visual content as well as radio based mobile communication and radio based backup.

Charter's marketing and manufacturing activities are marketed under the Charter Media trademark. For more information about charter, please visit <font color="#ffff00">SOURCE Charter Communications, Inc.

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