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Please also note that drivers cannot pick up customers from the Mall of America. The price shown for Denver is for Yellow Cab; prices vary by company.

What's cheap in New York: About or a taxi? Large data sets will resolve the dilemma.

Recently there have been many discussions about Uber, AirBnb and the "Sharing Economy" in general. Despite all the critics, the consumer will still flow to these plattforms because they think they are less expensive than the alternative. Some scientists have found that when it comes to using Uber in New York City, it could actually be the other way around.

University of Cambridge and University of Namur researchers in the UK and Belgium, respectively, have likened hundred of million yellow taxi journeys (with information received by city planner Chris Wong in 2014 thanks to a FOIL request) and the associated fares to the mean cost of a trip to and from the places they have visited using Uber X-Service - the lowest cost the firm offers.

They found that yellows appear to be an averaging one. $4 less than Uber X. The less expensive alternative for a particular trip also varies depending on the mileage. Over seems more costly for rates below 35 bucks and only begins to become less costly from this level.

To put it another way, in general and for shorter journeys a cab is cheaper. The first is that NYC yellows cab dates match the year 2013, while over to 2014. That shouldn't be a big problem since, as investigators stress, the tariffs of Young Taxis are fixed by the municipality and have last altered in 2012 after 8 years of stability.

The only thing the user needs to do is to specify the starting point and arrival point of the journey and then click on the About or Green Cab?utton. When About is cheap, a monochrome display will appear with the word 'Take About'. When the opposite is the case, the monitor is highlighted in orange and the text is'Take a taxi in yellow'.

Up to now the application only works in New York City. While there have been many inquiries to extend the services to other places, "the ability to see the application in other major towns where cab transportation is common, such as Dallas, San Francisco, Chicago and Los Angeles, will strongly rely on the ability of similar open cab records to be available from nearby authorities," researchers Anastasios Noulas posted in a recent newsflash.

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