Custom Private Jet

Individual private jet

Leather and individual wood veneers are used to cover the cabin. Create your own private jet Well, you got yourself a private jet. They turn to your favorite designers, who have patterns of fabrics, a bath catalog, some high-quality patterns of furnishings and...

And that doesn't even work. Re-designing the inside of your jet is nothing more than rebuilding your home or even your boat.

"As soon as you go beyond the ground, you need an industry architect and an engineer," says Howard Guy, Executive Vice President, UK consulting firm Design Q. "Everything that goes into an aircraft must be certificated as airworthy and comply with a variety of industry codes. Make sure the material that covers your seat is flame-retardant.

Inside the seat, the cellular material must be flame-retardant. Chairs themselves must be screwed together to withstand a 16G collision (people hardly ever live well over 10G). Exceptional custom jet requests: On the one hand, as Jean-Pierre Alfano, Design Manager at AirJet Designs in Toulouse, points out, it's very tight: "Even if bigger airplanes are similar in scale to a small flat, you can't open the windows.

"Wilson says, you can't just go to every design guy." "Home or yachting designers will not always have an idea of what they can and cannot do. Your favourite designers may have inputs, but they will collaborate with others and work under strict conditions.

The amount required for a standard aircraft depends on the aircraft and the number of persons it must carry (as each passenger must have a seating position approved for take-off and landing). "We design our interior with specially chosen veneer, leather and fabric from our clients, on the basis of research we conduct with our clients," said Thomas Hoyt, vice president in charge of communication.

But Wilson says that while a Gulfstream could costs $5 million to cap out, a Boeing 737 could reset you from $30 million to $50 million. "Here it depends on logistic and technology: a bath tub rich in moisture is a very difficult item and can only be placed in certain areas of the aircraft.

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