Taxi from my Location

Taxis from my location

The taxi fares are based on the current Dublin taxi fares. At the moment we only support the search for taxis in England, Scotland and Wales. Furthermore, you can only search for locations within these countries. If I don't use a taxi, I travel with my husband so I know the routes. Accommodation near the BCN airport, including a map with the exact location.

Arrival by taxi in Porto

Arriving by taxi is one of the most convenient ways to find your way around. Unless you don't care about using Porto by train or train, consider your choices. Nevertheless, here are a few hints about the taxi from Porto. In Porto the taxi cabs are generally up to date and convenient. Typically the newer one would be a beautiful car with luxurious seating, A/C, GPS, etc.

Most of them will be bright cream, but you can still find some black ones with a verdant roof. On the roof of the taxi there is a screen showing whether the cabin is free or occupied: 1, 2 or 3 (fare display) is occupied.

Nearly anywhere in the town you can take a taxi by simply lifting your hands when you pass by. Some of the most congested areas such as airports, railway station, Aliados Avenue, etc. have what we call "praça de táxis" (taxi rank). This is where the taxi's are left and you can simply take the first in line.

When you need a taxi to collect you from an accurate location (e.g. from your friend or your rented flat in Porto), you can call or make an on-line reservation at one of the centres such as Raditaxis or Táxis Invicta. Attempt to download GeoSensi Taxi or Taxi Link. Taxi's in Porto aren't that low.

When you call her to come get you, put ?0.8 plus the trip to your house. Every taxi must have a clearly legible meter reading showing the amount to be calculated; the tariff increases over kilometres and times. If you need to call the taxi service (you leave something in the car) or lodge a claim, keep it in a safe place.

Taxi travel can be very convenient and sometimes the only available form of transportation. Otherwise you will find our hints for the operation of the subway in Porto or how to get to Porto by coach.

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