Single Person Jet

one-person jet

" Eclipse goes single, increases the price of Twin." This is one of the revolutionary aspects of the Vision Jet. Seven large aircraft that can be piloted by a single pilot.

A major consideration for airplane purchasers who do not want to rent a complete flying division is whether the airplane is suitable for flying with a single pilots or not. Replacing the 200 range airplanes, the King Air 250 is fitted with compound supports that are easier, more quiet and less expensive to service than conventional airplanes.

The Beechcraft range also featured fibre -reinforced wing tips that increase buoyancy, reduce aerodynamic resistance and improve take-off, climbing, travel and landings. With a cruising rate of around 308 kn, the King Air 250 takes you to your final destinations just a few moments later than its lightweight jet rivals. Burning less propellant and requiring less runway time than its lightweight rivals, the 250 delivers significantly more in high temperatures and altitudes, making it the ideal plane to reach some of the most demanding destinations.

Pilatus' PC-12 NG is uniquely popular as a single-engine turbo prop. PC-12 "Next Generation" is powered by a more powerfull Pratt & Whitney motor than the PC-12, as well as modifying wingtips to improve climbing power and cruising speeds. The Pilatus planes are distinguished from their competition by the precise mechanical design for which the Swiss are renowned and their 17 foot long, 5 foot broad cabins (available with an BMW engineered interior), which compete with some medium-sized corporate planes.

PC-12's capability to move more than 1,200 lbs of load over 1,000 mph against the heaviest winds at nearly 260 knots allows the airplane to be used for a variety of applications. The single-motor, single-mushroom PC-12 NG can cope with almost anything from passengers and freight to U.S. Air Force custom assignments.

Cessna' s Citation M2 was released as an upgrade for the CJ1+ and is aimed at owners and publishers who are willing to upgrade from the Citation Mustang. Improvements included higher cruise speeds, enhanced take-off and recovery capabilities, a newly designed cab, lower running cost and enhanced anvionics. Cessna' s slogan "Efficient and Dependable" on the CJ3+ makes it the first Citation Jet to be fitted with Garmin's G3000 Avionic System.

Cessna' s CJ3+ single pilots' progress is based on a higher cruise rate and better take-off and land power than its forerunner; its take-off and land abilities are among the best in their category. CJ3+''s 53'9" span creates more buoyancy with less aerodynamic resistance and offers more velocity, reach and refueling efficiencies than existing citation jet aircraft.

By default, the almost 16-foot long cab offers six people a comfortable seat. CJ3+ cabins feature a redesigned exterior and Cessna's new cabonomanagement system "Clarity", continuous solid-state illumination and the ever more sought-after Wi-Fi on board, underlining the Citation Jet's good standing for convenience for passengers.

Hitker-Beechcraft's Premier was designed to rival Cessna's highly acclaimed CJ line, which at the beginning included only the CJ, CJ1 and CJ2 series. The aim of Hawker-Beechcraft was to develop a single-pilot commercial jet with minimum operational and initial cost while meeting high operational excellence requirements. Premier 1A has one of the biggest staterooms among jet aircraft of its class and offers half a leg more space to the head than other lightweight aircraft.

And the only difference between the Premier 1 and the Premier 1A is the enhanced electronics and braking, as well as a newly designed cab. Premier 1A's uniquely curved wing and Rolls-Royce engine design allows it to rival some of the world' quickest lightweight aircraft while keeping low running cost. The Premier 1A, like its forerunner, is known for its affordable price, convenience and dependability, although several flyers have said it is not a glider for the amateur (or slow flyer).

The Phenom 100's best features are: cab ride quality, performance, reliability and low overhead. Embraer's enlarged dimensions enabled it to almost duplicate its maximum propellant mass, resulting in an expanded cruising distance of more than 1,900 mph, making it the ideal plane to fly from Austin to New York City.

It stands out from the crowd with its cruising distance, which is among the best in the world. Cessna' s Citation Encore+ is the biggest single piloted commercial jet that can be operated by a single person. Encore is one of the most flexible personal jet in its category, and its sequel will take it to a new plane.

Cessna' s Citation Encore+ significantly enhanced the Encore load capacity and enhanced the electronics system by deploying the Collins Pro Line 21. As a result, the Encore+ can transport heavy payloads over longer journeys while reducing operational cost. The Encore+ is able to transport five people from one coastline to the next with just one stop.

Encore+'s unmatched blend of reach, performance and convenience makes it one of the most flexible personal jet in its category. Would you like to learn more about single pilots? Find out more in our extensive Buyers' Guide for single pilots.

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